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Beekeeper becomes famous on TikTok

Image by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pixabay

Scooping bees without any protective suit or gloves, Erika Thompson aka a TikTok star compels us with her bee rescuing videos. 

Erika Thompson lives is Texas and is also a beekeeper in Texas Beeworks. Erika’s love and interest in bees allow people to call them and rescue these little pollinators from their property instead of calling an exterminator.

Their job helps make the planet a better place, we need to protect the bees!

Erika became viral with her tiktoks of her bee hive rescues. It is very much admired that she does not wear any protective suit while casually picking up bees and bee hives.

As she explains in her videos, she carefully locates the rogue beehive and starts to dislocate its components. She makes sure to transfer the queen bee which then makes all of the other bees follow her to their new hive.

Not only relocating hives to a more convenient spot, she also protects the bee colonies. If a colony does not have a queen bee anymore, she helps them by bringing a queen for them. She observes them to see if they will accept the new leader.

She does not forget to inform her viewers about the appearance of the queen bee and how to spot on in a large crowd of worker bees!

Her videos can be very fun to watch, however, I have to warn you. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Because she is a professional and can mostly read a bee colony’s tendency to attack, she knows whether it is safe or not to approach on without a protecting suit.

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