Throwback devices
Throwback devices – Photo credits: Yosomono

In honour of the iPhone 8 being released last week, here are some major throwback devices that were pivotal in not only my life but pretty much every 90’s kids lives too. 

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If yours is still alive you’re truly gifted!   I have to admit, I am culpable of witnessing my Tamagotchi die after I left it at home once when I went off to school.

*Cue dramatic crying.*

  Looking back on it now, it was like taking care of a child. They honestly, taught me everything about responsibility and what it’s like to be a mother.

Plot twist: Tamagotchis have raised us all for parenthood. I remember I used to check the health meter constantly, the things that made us worry as kids and lure in our attention was questionable looking back!

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Aka the grey box, that lays in the corner of my room, people look at it and question why I still have it. I had every game under the sun. I used to be in school thinking about all these missions that ‘I had to get home to finish.’  My favourites were Crash Bandicoot, Rugrats and Formula 1! Classics!

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Nintendo DS

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I remember getting one for Christmas when I was around 11.I honestly loved it, one thing that I loved about this was the chat feature. Pictochat was honestly my life.

Can we forget about Facebook Messenger and bring back Pictochat? My inner Pablo Picasso came out on that thing and of course,  my friends and I used to think we were so cool using it. I also did not own a dog at the time, so I obviously treated my Nintendog with complete love and affection, even though it was a virtual game. It definitely guided me to be the huge doggo lover that I am today!


Motorola – Razr flip phone

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The iconic Razr flip phone was a big part of my teen years. I think the Bluetooth feature exchanging songs with all of my friends was honestly so fun and at the time seemed amazing how this could even be possible. My first Bluetooth transfer was Soulja Boy because I was that cool. 

Another thing, I loved was how it would always look so dramatic being able to slam the phone shut whenever I had to hang up. My inner thespian was unleashed.  This will truly be an iconic phone as well as my blockia that still comes in handy today for festivals and trips. This phone will forever be my favourite!

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