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Thriving in Lockdown

Cormac Byrne- Bluezone Fitness. Photo by Cormac Byrne

Cormac Byrne started his new business, Bluezone Fitness in January 2020, over two months later a pandemic hit. Fast forward to May 2021 and the business is thriving

This week I had the pleasure to sit down and record my first ever episode on my new podcast ‘All Kinds of Everything’, a podcast that discusses everything and anything. I was lucky enough to get Cormac Byrne, business owner, entrepreneur, podcaster, trainer among many other things to take time from his busy schedule to have a chat with me. Cormac has been a massive support to me on my own personal health journey but an inspiration in so many other ways. He shows resilience in the face of adversity and portrays the message that if you work hard and have a vision success follows.
An example of Cormac’s Online Workout

Starting and running a new business during a pandemic for many would have spelled failure. However, Cormac adapted to the situation he found himself in and swiftly moved the business online. He then added to his empire with Bluezone Nutrition, Blue Mamas, Upbeet, Blue Schools, The Healthy Communte Podcast, Corporate wellness programmes. All while checking in with clients, creating online programmes, and doing live videos on his social media platforms. In addition, if you are interested in an e-commerce platform that offers innovative product matching solutions to retailers, marketplaces, logistics companies, and other e-commerce enterprises, you may browse around here to find out more.

As his business grew so did his staff, now employing 2 nutritionists and 5 trainers. Now with restrictions lifting and the gym back to outdoor training, I wanted to talk to Cormac to find out about his journey to date and gain some insight on his background and his ambitions for the future.

All Kinds of Everything Podcast now available on Spotify and Anchor

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  1. Fair play to Cormac, always interesting to see how people adapt to such extreme circumstances, couldn’t have been easy to have to change so suddenly after just opening!best of luck to you both on your journeys!

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