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Three favourite pubs of women living in Dublin

Women living in Dublin have ranked their three favourite pubs in the city. The Circular conducted an online interview and 65 women in Dublin participated. Here is what we found:

Female  Dubliners prefer Kehoe’s Pub for a Friday night.  However, they would choose PMacs if it was a Monday evening, says survey.

Women drinking at a bar.
Women drinking at a bar. // Photo credit: Flicker, MsSaraKelly.

65 women were surveyed this week in Dublin and 98% of them have said they would go to a pub on a Friday night after work. Among the three favourite pubs chosen are Kehoe’s Pub, the Bar 51 and Blackbird.

Among the reasons to pick these pubs are: “people going there are always full of chat” says a pollee, and almost everybody agrees that there are good drinks and a good atmosphere.

Kehoe’s won the 2017 Bar of the Year Awards in the category of Traditional Bar, and according to their official website, it is one of the last great heritage pubs of Dublin.

Kehoe's pub in Dublin.
Kehoe’s pub in Dublin. Photo credit: Flickr, Larry Koester.

Curiously enough, 36.5 % of the same women interviewed have reported that they would change their choice of pub if the night was a Monday instead of a Friday. And the number 1 pub in this case scenario was PMacs.

Peculiarly, one of the reasons the interviewed women had to change their drinks spot at the beginning of the work week, is that they perceive PMacs as a great food pub where guests can enjoy a pint of “the best craft beer while playing board games and having their dinner”.

The survey was conducted via Facebook on the Group GirlCrew Dublin that counts with more than 20 thousand members, the reason why the opening sentence of this article should have said ‘Women that own a Facebook account are members of Girl Crew and live in Dublin, prefer Kehoe’s Pub for a Friday night’.

Kehoe’s Pub has been regarded as the best pint of Guinness in Dublin. It is located on South Anne Street, Dublin 2, and it is in a walking distance from Grafton street. Also, all buses going through Dame street will be a good option to get there. Some of them are the 9, 13, 16, 38, 40 and 46a.

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The Bar 51 is a modern sports bar situated on Haddington Road, Dublin 4. From the city centre, the best options to get there are the buses number 4, 7 and 38.

Blackbird is located on Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6.  It is in the south of the city and it is easy to get there by bus. The 140 stops pretty close to the pub.

PMacs is known for its unique vibe and it is situated on Lower Stephen Street, Dublin 2. Its location is really good, on a just 20-minute walk from the City Centre.

Have you ever been to any of these pubs?

You can tell us in the comments section!


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