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Three Scientific Stories That Are Unbelievable

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Every now and then in the world today, we get to hear about some scientific stories that makes us doubt the core knowledge of our existence.

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Some of these stories fascinate us, while some scare us. Some of the scientific stories are so acute and yet so unbelievable. Science does not exactly exist in a monolithic space, and so there usually is room left for such beliefs that many ascribe towards the unreal, metaphysical, or outright spiritual. But if the world has taught humanity anything, it is that impossible does not exist. Anything can happen, and many indeed have. Here below are three unbelievable scientific stories.

Crawling Sensation in man’s ear turn out to be spider

Photo by Meltonmedia from Pixabay

A man in in Eastern China once checked into a hospital because of a complaint about a crawling sensation in his right ear. How weird was it when the doctors found a spider squatting comfortably in his ear? Obviously, this was the last thing he thought the doctors would find. The tiny arachnid was relaxing near his eardrums after spinning a web that had covered the patient’s entire ear canal. In the end, it was through the help of the physicians that they were able to flush the spider with a squirt of saline. Imagine if I told you there are a hundred stories like this one?

We can smell with our tongues

Photo by 4FR from Pixabay

Did you know that tongues could smell? We have always known there was a connection between our sense of smell and taste. Our brain analyzes food flavors and provides us information about the smell of what we eat. However, recent research has given us more reason to question if indeed we know everything about the human system. Researchers at the Monell chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia grew human taste cells in a lab and exposed them to odor molecules. The cells unexpectedly responded like olfactory cells, which are found in the nose.

Double-headed snakes exist

Photo by Meanmachine77 from Pixabay

What if I told you about the presence of a double-headed rattle snake? As if one was not bad enough? The snake was discovered in Pine Barrens, a heavily forested area in the southern tip of New Jersey.

Like human Siamese twins, double-headed snakes are usually born the same way when an embryo in development stage splits into two identical parts and stops.

These scientific stories and discoveries are incredibly difficult to believe. However, these facts are true, authentic, and a gentle reminder that learning is a consistent activity.

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