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Three Famous Personalities and Last week’s hilarious memes about them

Imran Khan:

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet lost power after midnight on Saturday. Khan is the first Prime Minister to be overthrown by a no-confidence vote. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Khan fought the ball to the very finish. Following the high-octane political action, about 174 of the 342 members of the National Assembly voted to approve the resolution. Mr. Khan has already claimed that he will not acknowledge an opposition leadership, stating that he is the target of a US-led plot to topple him over his refusal to support the US on problems involving Russia and China.

On social media, the removal of Khan generated mixed reactions. Following his ouster, users began making humorous memes. Let’s have a look

Madonna :

Singer Madonna posted a video on April 2 in which she may be seen looking into the camera while filming a short clip. While the star does not say anything at all in the video, she does close in on the camera near the end. Her track “Frozen” also played in the backdrop of the short clip. Madonna, on the other hand, applied a filter for the footage, so her face looks to be strange. Some individuals who were ignorant of this made ridiculed her, while others expressed concern. Take a look

Will Smith:

Hollywood Actor Will Smith has been barred from entering any Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences events for the next ten years, just a week after quitting the organization. The star slapped Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, causing the ban declaration. Smith would not be able to attend any Academy activities, either digitally or in person, according to a statement made by President David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson on April 8. Meanwhile, the announcement of the ban has permitted netizens to make parodies. Here’s a look at the meme-fest that’s going on right now on the Internet.

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