Those Annoying Facebook Couples

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Facebook is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and, unlike its original purpose as a site for communication between students, it has become more than just a social network. For some people, it has become a way of life.

Probably 99 out of 100 people in this world own a Facebook account and they are connected to hundreds of other accounts which are connected to hundreds more, and hundreds more, and…

This means that anyone can access your personal information in a blink of an eye, or a click with a mouse. Sharing our private lives on line is becoming more normal by each day. But, some people just take it too far.

Everyone on Facebook probably has that annoying friend that posts statuses and photographs, mostly about stuff irrelevant to other people, every minute. But, how many of you have that one annoying couple that just can’t get enough of their love?

I’ve put down a list of things annoying couples do on Facebook


“I love you” debates on their walls

“I love you”, “No, I love you more”, “I love you more than more”… Ok, we get it! You two love each other, but have you not heard about private messages? Or SMS or even phone calls? Even seeing each other in person is an option.


Having a shared profile

Entering a relationship does not mean you have to lose your identity. You are still an individual, you still have your friends and your private life. And your friends too have their private life that they might not want to share with your boyfriend while they are texting you with their problems. Opening a Facebook account is as easy as 1,2,3 so why having a shared account? Don’t you trust each other enough?


Can’t decide whether “in a relationship” or “single”

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Being in a relationship can get complicated, we all know that. But changing your relationship status on Facebook every week is not a way to deal with those problems. Probably a better way to solve your relationship issues is to actually meet and discuss them. Not everyone has to know about your private problems.


Writing on each other’s wall while being in a same room

Not only does it look funny but it also tells everyone how little fun you two have together. Do you really need Facebook to communicate to each other or is this just the way to get more likes?


Posting a photo of every single date you go to

bonus1Yes, couples do go on dates. And yes, they do eat and drink on those. Maybe sometimes even watch a movie or take a walk together. It’s the way people have been dating for centuries now. Posting a selfie from a movie night is ok, once. Not every other hour.

These are just some of the things Facebook couples do. I understand that sometimes people can get so emotional that they want to share their love for someone with the whole world. And there is nothing wrong with that. People used to


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scream from their rooftops before. But if you heard someone screaming from a rooftop every day, would you find it interesting? (or sane?)

What are the things that annoy you most about Facebook couples? Or are you one of them?

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