Think you were good at video games as a kid? Think again

Super Mario 64 - Photo credit Nintendo/Håvard Ruud
Super Mario 64 - Photo credit Nintendo/Håvard Ruud

Remember the old retro games? When video games used to prove a challenge? You could spend dozens, if not hundreds, of hours trying to beat the old games as a kid.

Nintendo 64 - Photo credit Ciero Duran (Flickr)
Nintendo 64 – Photo credit Ciero Duran (Flickr)

As the hours went on, eventually you probably felt like you were mastering the game. Like you actually were good at it. Well, my friend, I’m sorry to break it to you: there are people out there who is so good at your old games that you will probably feel ashamed that you were even thinking that you were good at it.

These guys call themself speedrunners, and as might understand from the word they try to complete games as fast as possible. And when you think back to how you struggled with a boss or segment of the game, it will kind of hurt to see these people just skip through it like it was nothing. I appologize in advance if somebody breaks their self esteem with reading this piece.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 - Photo credit Nintendo/Håvard Ruud
Super Mario 64 – Photo credit Nintendo/Håvard Ruud

Super Mario 64 is the most sold game on the Nintendo 64, and was one of the first games to introduce us to the wonderful world of 3D video gaming. The levels was massive, and there was a lot to explore. No wonder our young and innocent minds got distracted from the purpose which was to collect a 120 stars. Some maybe never even got as far as actually collect all the stars, but at least we had a lot of fun while playing. Those who actually went through every level to get every single star probably can’t even begin to estimate the amount of time spent to reach that goal.

Well a guy who calls himself «cheese05», from Trinidad and Tobago, sure does. He is currently the world record holder in Super Mario 64, having collected every star and beating the last boss in just 1.40,51. That’s right, just over one hour and forty minutes used to collect all the stars in Super Mario 64.

You can see his world record run in the video below:

Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye 007 - Photo credit Nintendo/Håvard Ruud
Goldeneye 007 – Photo credit Nintendo/Håvard Ruud

Another widely popular game for the Nintendo 64 is Goldeneye 007, developed by the British game company Rareware. This game revolutionized first person shooting (FPS) games, and was a favorite between friends with it’s engaging multiplayer mode.

But the campaign mode was also brilliant in this game where you controll agent 007, James Bond. The game follows the plot of the movie with the same title, starring Pierce Brosnan, and surely was challenging at times. Especially if you turned up the difficultiy settings.

It’s a hard transition to go back to the old FPS-games, now that we got controllers with two joysticks or a mouse and a keyboard to controll the games. A player who calls himself «Ace» doesn’t mind. He holds the world record in Goldeneye 007 at all difficulty settings, and can finish all the chapters in the game in less than 40 minutes regardless of difficulty.

You can see his world record for the easiest difficulty below:

Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64 - Photo credit: Nintendo/Håvard Ruud
Donkey Kong 64 – Photo credit: Nintendo/Håvard Ruud

Everyone who remembers Donkey Kong 64, probably also remember the awesome rap in the intro cut scene, The DK Rap. As Goldeneye, this game is also developed by Rareware, and has a lot of stuff to collect.

There are five playable characters from the Kong family. Each one with their own colored set of coins, blueprints, bananas, golden bananas to collect, to mention some. With several huge levels it is set to take a lot of time to get everything. Anyhow, with a little practice it is possible to get everything done well in time for dinner. The world record for this game is held by an American who calls himself «2dos». Completing this game 101% (Yes 101%) takes this fellow just under six hours. His world record run clocked in at five hours, 58 minutes and one second.

Check out his world record run below:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Photo credit Byrion Smith (Flickr)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Photo credit Byrion Smith (Flickr)

This game lives up to it’s name. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is exactly that, a legend. As the first 3D game of the series, just as Super Mario 64, this game gave us apparantly enormous enviroments to traverse. You could even ride a horse!

Many proably look back and remember all the different temples you had to go through, and that proved many times to be challenging at many points. Tricky puzzles, tough enemies or hard bosses, each task tried to stop us from making it all the way through the game and save princess Zelda. Our young minds needed some time to do all of this, but if you ask an American who calls himself «zfg», he’ll probably tell you it’s easy. He can actually finish this game, every temple and boss beaten in just four hours, 19 minutes and 34 seconds. However it is possible to exploit some glitches in the game and reach the final fight much faster than that. With a little cheating, a speedrunner called «skater82297» has managed to beat the final boss, Gannondorf, in just 17 minutes and 45 seconds.

Check out the two world records in Ocarina of time below:

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. - Photo credit Dylan Baugh (Flickr)
Super Mario Bros. – Photo credit Dylan Baugh (Flickr)

The last game of this article is one that’s actually is unforgivingly hard. It’s the first game that our beloved Italian plumber appeared in a game as Mario; Super Mario Bros, and this year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the mustached icon. Super Mario Bros. sat a totally new standard for plattform games, and it also gave us the now iconic theme song that even your mom probably knows how goes.

This game is one of the most sold and played games of all time. And no wonder, this game is a lot of fun. At least until you reach the latter levels and the difficulty sky rockets. But the trick to go fast in this game is to memorize patterns and timing. Because of the limited power of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console, practically nothing is random in this game. If you know where every hole and enemy is going to appear you should be able to get through this game pretty fast.

In fact there’s so many who has memorized this game so they have to be divided by milliseconds to pick out the world record holder. At the moment, the fastest Super Mario Bros. player in the world is German, and calls himself «i_o_l». He holds the record of 4 minutes, 57 seconds and 693 milliseconds, only 16 miliseconds ahead of American «darbian».

Check out the world record of one of the most iconic video games ever below:

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