Do you think it is time to trash those Antibiotics?

Herbs Pic : Copyright by Teamkohl
Herbs Pic : Copyright by Teamkohl


Herbal Medicine also called botanical are just like Antibiotics the difference is they are roots, herbs and organic. So why do we push them aside? We were made to believe that Organic foods and products were much healthier. So why not? Well let’s rethink our thinking.

Antibiotics, also scientifically known as antibacterial are basically types of meditations that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria in our body. Everyone grew up using antibiotics and in Greek, anti means “against” and bios means “life”.

Have you ever wondered if there were other alternatives to Antibiotics which actually works and isn’t well recognized? If you are thinking about using the right medicines, first get the right information from reliable sources. Expectations of medicines and treatments have increased rapidly since previous years.

Whether it is antibiotics, tablets or herbs, there is a simple explanation that many people believe that products labelled “natural” are always safe and good for them. This is not necessarily true. Whereas the actual fact is majority of patients don’t even read the instructions on the prescription label. So they misuse the drug.

Studies have shown that more than 100,000 people die annually from problems related to prescription medications and antibiotics. And among the most widely prescribed drugs and the most misused are antibiotics.

Herbs are plants or plant part used for its scent, flavour or therapeutic properties. Herbal medicines are one type of dietary supplement. They can be sold as tablets, capsules, powders, teas, extracts and fresh or dried plants. They are often expensive but effective. 

Adeola Adeyanju, an Herbal Practitioner both in Nigeria and Ireland, has a different take on the matter. “The main difference between herbal medicines and antibiotics is that, People use herbal medicines to try to maintain and improve their health, while some people take antibiotics just when they are sick and the feel the need to,” added Mrs Adeyanju.

There are quite a number of people in Ireland that would argue that any illness that occurs in the human body is heir to, and responds to herbal treatment and to the healing powers of the plants that grow in the fields, Bogs and meadows. While others would say that this botanical based medicine is the traditional medicine of the Irish.

You see we believe what we want to believe and that is that antibiotics are more effective and safe simply because they are prescribed to us by our GP’s and Doctors. But what we don’t know is that antibiotics do not kill bacteria.

Another alternative is herbs, herbs do not stop multiplication of bacteria but, they change the conditions with the result that it is difficult for bacteria to survive and they eventually die. And it takes longer to work but the result is more permanent than antibiotics.

So, after knowing the difference between the two treatments, do they perform the same job? Is one more effective than the other? Have you been using the wrong medicines all along? Are they both the same? Do you still want to keep your antibiotics? Or is it time to trash those antibiotics and whip out the herbs!

It is never too late to do what’s best for your health.

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