Things you should know before moving abroad

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It takes courage to make the decision to leave your country and family behind. But many people have for many different reasons, such as looking for better opportunities and safety. The decision has to be thought through and there are a few tips that will definitely help you:

  1. Research! It is extremely important to ask every question that pops into your mind so you’re not caught by any surprises. Google it, join Facebook groups of people that live in your destination, look for Instagram profiles, TikTok, anything helps.
  2. Get more than one opinion for one simple reason: people have different experiences. While one person might tell you how amazing things are in x city, another person might tell you the difficulties he/she faced. There are problems everywhere, so it’s a bit innocent to believe another country is going to be perfect.
  3. Save. You can never have too much money. You must be prepared for providing for yourself for months, it might take a long time to get your documents sorted, maybe there’s a shortage of jobs where you’re going, you never know. An emergency can happen, etc.
  4. Get insurance. Medical expenses are super high anywhere in the world, to avoid a massive bill because you got stung by a bee, make sure to buy insurance. Very few countries have free health care, beware of that.
  5. There’s no need to abandon your culture and customs completely. It will only do you good to keep in touch with it. Look for food, music, people of the same nationality, etc. Bring items you really love from your country, it will warm your heart when you feel homesick.
  6. It feels lonely sometimes and it is hard to make friends. Especially as adults, we all have busy lives and it can be hard to meet people and have the time to maintain a relationship. However, it is not impossible! 

The podcast 2 Brazilians in Ireland is a comedy/talk show where my flatmate and I reminisce about the old days when we put our foot on the Island. We talk about the good things, the bad things, what we love and what we hate. You can listen to it here:

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