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Things to do during a lockdown

The world has suddenly shifted from its axis and caught every individual by surprise. The COVID-19 Virus has drastically shifted the world. Individuals are told to work from home, the countries have ordered a COVID 19 Lockdown as ordered by the governments to take drastic measures for the safety of the citizens and as an attempt to “slow-down” the spread of the virus.

There are problems being faced throughout the world with countries such as China, Italy, and USA to name a few that have been hit worse by the coronavirus outbreak. There is an estimated amount of 47 million unemployed individuals who are expected to be hit from this pandemic. The economy of many countries has taken a hit along with schools, colleges , churches being shut. This has created a frenzy among individuals especially those who suffer from Anxiety.

With countries being on lockdown and individuals ordered to stay at their respective homes, there are many times when one might feel lethargic, de-motivated or just stressed with how much the world has changed in a blink.

There are many ways to keep one entertained during the quarantine period, whether it is by completing assignments in time, picking up a hobby or learning a new language, learning to cook or read novels and enjoy solitude.

Other great ways for those who feel anti-social can turn to social media for apps, to connect with friends, to watch YouTube, to play games or spend some quality time. You can see this website for free casino games online.

Don’t despair, this too shall pass – till then remember! “We are in this together”

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