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Things that you should think about before travelling to Izmir, Turkey

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Izmir is a city located in the Aegean Region of Turkey and one of the 81 provinces of the country. It is the third most populous city in the country in terms of population. In Izmir, where the Mediterranean climate is observed, the summer season is hot and dry, while the winter season is warm and rainy. Tour operators, hotels and car rental companies are primarily concentrated in Alsancak and Cesme districts.

The Aegean Region, where Turkey’s olives are grown, is famous for its olive oil dishes and appetizers. Izmir can be reached by land, air, sea and rail. It can be reached by bus from all over Turkey by road. There are plane flights from Adnan Menderes Airport to many points of Turkey and the world by air. Izmir is so rich in places to visit that it takes at least a month to travel from top to bottom. That’s why it makes the most sense to hang out in one or a few towns. If you are going to spend time only in the centre, you don’t need a car; almost everywhere is within walking distance. It is also very easy to reach by public transport.

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Plan all the places that you want to go beforehand

Izmir is a huge city and it is so hard to travel everywhere in three or four days. That is why you should list the places that you want the most and create a road plan before you go to Izmir. There are direct flights to Izmir from almost every part of the country. We recommend that you definitely make a price comparison before buying your plane ticket. The place where you will feel Izmir the best is undoubtedly Kordon Boyu. However, if you still want to visit the city literally and see all its historical sites and tourist centres, you need to devote at least a one-week period to travelling to Izmir.

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Izmir is one of the favourite cities of summer tourism in Turkey, especially with its districts and resorts. The city, which also has the property of being a metropolis, can be visited at any time of the year. If you want to visit the city, where the summer months are hot and the winter months are the scene of mild weather conditions, without being affected by heat or precipitation, the spring months may be an ideal choice.

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Prepare your wallet / Try the cuisine

Turkey is using Turkish money while shopping or spending money which is why, restaurants and other places will generally only accept Turkish lira. Before entering to city, it is better to exchange your money for Turkish lira. Food prices in Izmir vary greatly depending on the restaurant and the type of meal you choose. In general, if you are looking for a reasonably priced meal, you can find fine dining in small, local restaurants in Izmir.

Don’t forget to eat Döner and Izmir bomba along with Boyoz.

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Find an accommodation that is closer to the city.

Izmir is one of the most developed cities in our country in terms of urban transportation. However, staying in a place that is closer to the city centre is always better than using transportation for long hours. Districts such as Karsiyaka, Bornova, Balçova, Gaziemir are both close to the centre and affordable. The rooms can also be bigger around here. In addition, if you have a car, you also get rid of the parking problem at the centre. If you are not going to leave the centre of Izmir, that is, if you are going to spend all your time in the Konak district, there is no need to rent a car. You can provide transportation to anywhere in Konak and neighbouring districts by public transportation with an “Izmirim Card”. But if you are going to Izmir’s tourist attractions such as Cesme, Alacati, Urla, Seferihisar, Selcuk, we strongly recommend renting a car.

Photo by Elif Ipek Demir for
Photo by Elif Ipek Demir for

For me, Izmir is one of the best cities in Turkey. The best things are the seaside and the nightlife. Also, there are lots of historical places. If you are planning a trip to Turkey, Don’t forget to include Izmir.

Here is a video to give you an opinion about Izmir in general.

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