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These Graphs Have Nothing In Common

Photo by Caio from Pexels

Who doesn’t love a good graph? I sure do? The way the lines go up and down and represent numbers in a fun fashion. Boy, just thinking about a good graph gets me all hyped up.

To quench my first for graphs I hit up Google Trends. If you’ve spent time then boy are you missing out.

Google Trends is the best place to see what the world is searching for, when, where and how. It gives precise real-time information on what the worlds googling.

That’s right, anytime you searched anything, and I mean ANYTHING Google logs it in their neat little database for me and others to look at later.

Whenever I get bored or have some time to kill I like to go over to Google Trends and make some fun little graphs which have absolutely nothing in common.

Here is some examples of my favourite Google Trend graphs.

Porn Versus Jesus

Credit: Google Trends

You dirty divils you. Searching for filth instead of our good lord and saviours son. Typical.

However it is interesting to see that porn peaked in 2013 and has been steadily decreasing every year since.

Lasagne Verses Drew Barrymore

Credit: Google Trends

For a brief beautiful time in January 2006, Drew Barrymore was more popular than lasagne.

Also, it would seem that lasagne is on the rise with a pretty consistent pattern. Every December the baked pasta dish peaks and by June it has dropped to its lowest point. Expect for April 2020, the world was all about lasagne that month for some reason.

Shrek Verses WW2

Credit: Google Trends

Remember that scene in Shrek three when Shrek says “somebody better be dying” and then it cuts to the frog king saying “I’m dying”? That was one of the funniest scenes in cinema history.

Anyway, Shrek really had three big peaks in search which are odd. The peaks do not line up with film releases or announcements. It seems like people just loved Shrek for some reason at those times. I have no idea what happened in November 2017. We were all about the war though.

Nicolas Cage Verses Ligma

This one does not need very much explaining.

Depression Verses Hentai

Credit: Google Trends

This one made me laugh. It seems that Ireland and the UK are the only two countries that care searching depression more than hentai. What does that say about us?

Well, those have been my google trend graphs. I hope you enjoyed them. I highly recommend you check out Google Trend some time it is a fantastic place.

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