There is more to a Black woman than just a big booty

there is more to a black woman than a big booty
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Black woman in a relaxed environment Photo credit: Tatenda Nyamande (Source)

There is more to a black woman beyond being just black. She is a conqueror, compassionate and the word strong is never too far away from her true identity. ‘Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs around the world and are also ranked the most educated group by race and gender’ according to Forbes.

However, black women are still seen as Black, Female and Broke. According to Maya Rockymore, ‘It is true that black women have increased their graduation and college going rates and that many of them have become business owners.  Yet,  these accomplishments are tenuous and have yet to make a dent in the persistent wage and wealth disparities that cripple their chance to achieve high quality, economically secure lives’.

There is more to a black woman than her physical appearance. Black women are witty, courageous, brilliant and entertaining. Award winning media Icon Oprah Winfrey and  popular actresses such as  Lupita Nyong’o, Taraji P Henson, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union and so many others have worked hard to push the black women community forward through their various roles in the movie industry and in society as well.

Another outstanding personality who through his films has struggled to push the black women to be great and outstanding is award winning Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry plays a hilarious and notorious black old woman ‘Madea’. Madea is characterized as a strong black woman. She is not educated however she is educated in the wisdom of life. Madea is not afraid to speak her mind and she always gets even for any wrong done to her .

Perry is a man who believes that there is more to a black woman other than her assets. His movies depict the strength and hard work of a black woman.


Beautiful Black Woman  Photo credit: Tatenda Nyamande (Source)

Jessica Neel, in her black woman campaign explains more about the first thought of a black woman. ‘During my experience as a black woman, I’ve watched dark skinned, nappy headed, broad nosed, big lipped black men make fun of black women for having dark skin, nappy hair, broad noses and big lips. I’ve heard people talking about the latest black man getting shot by police, but ignoring the negligence he showed to his child, the multiple abuse charges against him by his girlfriend, and the molestation claims against him by his little cousins. I’ve heard, “Well what does she do?” when a black woman is abused. I’ve heard, “Well she was always a little fast.” when a black man was found molesting their niece. I’ve heard, “She probably was rude anyway.” when a black man kills a black women for turning down his advances’.

‘I used to be pro-black, but now I’m pro black woman. Because even when I retreat from the racism of the outside and try to find comfort with people who share my skin colour and my features, I am reminded that I am still lesser than for being a woman.I used to be black first, and then a woman, because it was hammered into to me that my blackness cancelled out any gentleness that would be showed towards the woman I am.

Black women are BOLD, BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL. The three B’s any black woman on earth can possibly be. There is always more to a black woman than a big booty.

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