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The weatherman in Botswana compared to Ireland

Amazing Ireland
Amazing Ireland – Photo Credit Kathleen Tyler Conklin (Flikr)

Once you step foot in the land of Ireland ,what comes to ones mind as a person from Africa ,let alone from Botswana the rain is the rain in Ireland .It is the same for a person who steps foot in Botswana from Ireland.The contraction in the weather is mind blowing .The moist in Ireland with abundant rainfall .The  Ireland‘s climate is defined as a temperate oceanic climate.The country receives generally cool summers and mild winters. It is considerably warmer than other areas on its latitude, because it lies in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean, and as a result is warmed by the North Atlantic Current all year.

The sinking island- Photo Credit- Facebook

When you come from Botswana Irelands weather is beautiful whilst when you come to Botswana from Ireland the dryness is also quite amazing.

For Botswana,the weather is a different story more as the weather is  semi-arid. It is hot ,sometimes with there is a rainy season, which runs through the summer months. Rainfall tends to be unpredictable at times and can rain in different regions but not in some.This means that heavy downpour may occur in one area while 10 or 15 kilometres away there is no rain at all. Showers are often followed by strong sunshine so that a good deal of the rainfall does not penetrate the ground but is lost to evaporation and transpiration.

Blatant World
Map showing approximate prevalence of FGM across Africa, A photo on Flickr

So with the difference in the weather,one Dublin resident who also has stayed in parts of Botswana Stacy O’Connell indicates that she was shocked at the constant dry weather in Botswana and had to adjust to the heat and also to adjust between the two countries.

”When i am in Botswana i miss the rains of Ireland but when i have enough of the cold i go to Botswana i am happy because i have the best of both worlds” ,says Ms O’Connell who spoke with the circular recently.






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