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The Trolls: The dark side of social media.

in the grand terrain of the internet, where anonymity breeds. A particular breed of creatures resides, the trolls. Leaving a trail of mutilated self-confidence and ruin in its wake: Cyberbullies. Most of these menaces roam in the shadows of their anonymity to prey on others, spreading hate on whomever they wield their keyboard fangs at.

what is a troll: these are not the cute ones from animations, trolls. These are human beings who stir up trouble and confusion deliberately. They thrive on provocative messages, sparking a reaction from their victims. They’d post controversial memes and comments just to enjoy the angry or sad reaction from others. Like most villains, they hide behind their mask. Behind the comfort of their faceless pages and accounts, these trolls tirelessly spew their venom without consequences.

Cyber bullying: Cyber bullying comes in different forms from negative comments and discriminatory remarks to spreading confidential information without consent. The anonymity social media provides gives leeway to these people, granting them the confidence to participate in such cruelty.

effects of cyber bullying by common sense education

The impact of Trolling: victims of cyber bullying often feel isolated and depressed as these negative remarks can take a toll on their mental health, trolls often target victims based on their gender, race, sexual identities, looks, or any vulnerability they can pick out. create low self-esteem in others, as they tirelessly work to make others feel inferior.

picture by elf-Moondance for pixabay

The fight against cyber bullying: There are people who have been victims of cyber bullying speaking up against this negativity. in addition, social media platforms are beginning to implement policies against bullying and harassment. Cyber bullying is a form of abuse, despite how normalized it is becoming in today’s society so we should fight the urge to comment unkind things because ruining somebody’s self-esteem can be easy but the undoing is hard.

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