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5 true crime podcasts to check out on Spotify

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While for some this would seem like one of the worst free-time activities of all time, others can’t get enough of it: Listening to true crime stories has become more and more popular over the past years.  Especially women seem to have a fascination for these gruesome stories. There are countless Podcasts on Spotify, Apple Music, Sticher or Tunein covering short stories, mysteries and long-running investigations.

Conflict, fear and in many cases, justice served, are a few of the reasons why so many people enjoy listening to these investigations. If true crime sounds like something you could get into, here are 5 great podcasts to dive into:


1. A special Insight: Detective Trapp

Detective Trapp tells a story involving the only female detective on the homicide team in Anaheim, California – Julissa Trapp. She is a master interrogator, using her personal experience to get confessions no one else is able to. After a young woman’s body is found at a recycling plant, Julissa Trapp starts connecting the dots and links the case to the disappearance of three other women in the area. An amazing insight into a real investigation produced by the Los Angeles Times and Wondery.


2. Cults and Murder: Cult Liter

This podcast by Spencer Henry started out all about cults and now dives into all sorts of spooky stories and crime investigations. The “cult leader” Henry tells these creepy tales with personality and humour. A special highlight: Every now and then he hosts a “Little Liter” episode, telling stories of his listeners who were confronted with crime stories in their own lives. The podcast reached the top of the iTunes charts after just 12 episodes.


3. One of the big ones – Man in the window

Man in the window, another Podcast by the Los Angeles Times and Wondery, tells the case of the Golden State Killer – one of the most well known serial killers in California history. The decades-long investigation is full of interesting turns and the podcast dives deep into the questions connected to this case. Over 8 episodes, details of the investigation, the different cases and the suspects are laid out.


4. Ordinary people doing the unthinkable – The minds of madness

The Minds of Madness tells stories about the most disturbing criminal minds and how their doings impact their victims’ life. A variety of stories and investigations, something for everyone. The podcast is now over 70 episodes strong, so you’ve got a lot to catch up on.


5. This one has it all – Once upon a crime

Once upon a crime dives into true crime stories involving kidnappings, murders, disappearances as well as celebrities and serial killers. The cases are fascinating and thought-provoking. The podcast now has over 150 episodes.


No matter what type of stories you might be into – serial killers, celebrities, small cases or long investigations – these podcasts surely give you a good insight into the genre. Is true crime something you got get into? Or if you’re already listening to the genre, what are your favourite crime podcasts? Let us know in the comments.

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