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The Top 3 Film Industries.

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on unsplash

The global film business is a multi-billion-dollar sector, making over 100 billion dollars in revenue while supporting millions in jobs. with box office sales and movie output serving as the primary gauges of each nation’s industry size, this article lists the 5 largest film industries in the world today. 

1, Hollywood

Photo by Vincentas Liskauskas on Unsplash

Since the early 20th century, American cinema, also known as Hollywood, has had a huge influence on the World’s film industry. Hollywood is the name that plays when everyone is referring to the film industry. it has dominated the history of the motion picture industry as a result of the studios’ collaborative control over distribution and production. Pre Covid pandemic Hollywood made 11.3billion dollars in box office revenue and 2.09 billion Dollars despite a decline in numbers of movie Goers. The highest glossing movies for the year 2021 (Spiderman: No way Home) and 2022 (Top Gun: Maverick) were from Hollywood .

Top Gun movie Trailer. Hollywood’s highest Grossing movie 2022

2,  Cinema Of China

Photo By Xiangkun ZHU on Unsplash

China joins the list in 2nd position after Hollywood. According to Reuters by 2018 China was the 2nd largest movie market globally after Hollywood in terms of revenue and growing steadily. Despite making less money than Hollywood, China sold more movie tickets in 2018 than the USA. 2021 however saw China surpassing Hollywood in terms of box office Gross.  China has grown to be a key market for international filmmakers aiming to boost their box office revenues. It seems reasonable to suppose that China is on course to eventually surpass the US in the global cinema market. 

3, British Film industry

Duke of York’s picture house, Bringhton UK. Picture by Jake Hills on Unsplash.

The UK film industry comes in at number 3, it has produced some of the best stories. Attack the Block (2011), wuthering heights (2011), Under the skin (2013) among others are some of the British film industry’s top productions. 

The British film business made $6.5 billion in profit in 2016 as a result of the government giving the industry a big boost by offering tax savings of up to 25% in 2015. 

Last year saw the Uk take 10 of the 25 awards at the Gloden Globes, the Gloden globes are annual awards organised by Hollywood’s foreign press association in recognition of outstanding achievement in motion picture and television. 

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