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Spoiler Alert: The Top 3 Best TV Shows & Original Series On Netflix in February 2022.

If you are done binge-watching Netflix’s January hit series and shows like Emily in Paris, and Selling Sunset, then you are probably for something new to your Netflix and chill or relax as always Netflix got you covered. Quite a several series and shows came out in February that got almost everyone in the world talking. Whatever your preference or choice is, there is always something for everyone, the list iS always updated which makes it super easy to find your ideal suggestions.

  1. Inventing Anna

Shonda Rhimes outdid herself again with this mind blow series. Although it is a true-life story and all the characters are real, it is retold fiction of Anna Sorokin AKA Anna Delvey who was played by Julia Garner. it is about the con artist Anna Delvey’s mind-blowing scheme to acquire wealth and power but got caught up in the glamorous life of New York City. The 27-year-old self-proclaimed German heiress allegedly scammed quite a several people and businesses for $275,000 in just 10 months period. she ended up getting arrested at a Rehabilitation Center in California through the help of her friend Rachel DeLoache Williams wh also got scammed. She ended up having to serve three years for her crimes. there is a lot to unpack in this series even though I feel rushed, but it’s a good story, which is why I am not surprised it’s at the top list.

2. Love is Blind

The producers couldn’t have picked a better time for this show to be released. this show has always been a hit from the first season but this season is said to be the best by far. They take blind dating to a whole different level. the contestants are made to date without seeing each other. The single ladies and men are separated, they sit in separate rooms which they call pods, and are divided by a wall. All they can do is talk to each other and make connections, the beautiful part is, they are made to propose to whomever they see a connection with and what to spend the rest of their lives with and all this happens in less than a month. they get to see each other finally the day after the proposal and then a lot of other funny, suspenseful and amazing things go on from there. season 2 of the reality show is still on and it’s a must-watch.

3. The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

This very suspenseful series has everyone shocked because of how it ended. The series which is a parody of The Woman in the Window is about a divorced woman who lost her child and became depressed, she likes to watch the world from her living room window while sitting on her couch. She had everyone worried about her. she got attracted to a neighbour who moved into the building opposite her with his little daughter. She was getting a hold of herself mentally again when the neighbour’s girlfriend came visiting, it all changed when she witnesses the murder of her neighbour’s girlfriend. Although, I have quite a lot of questions because of how it ended it’s a must-watch especially if you are a lover of suspense.

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