The Top 10 best GoPro videos.

GoPro HERO3 , Credit: Wza HK

The GoPro phenomenon has arisen in  recent years and taken the world by storm. Ranging from animal lovers to adrenaline junkies there is something in it for everyone. I did my research and after a lot of deliberation these are in my opinion the top 10 best GoPro videos …

GoPro HERO3 , Credit: Wza HK
GoPro HERO3 , Credit: Wza HK


10. Dogs of the Teva Mountain Games.

For all my fellow animal lovers this video was taken at the Teva Mountain games in 2012. They attached some of the GoPro’s to the dogs collars.


9.  New York City – A Day in the Life.

This video stars the professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler skating his way through some beautiful scenes of New York City.


8. Incredibly rare Siberian tiger release.

GoPro’s were placed around the cage of an orphaned Siberian tiger just before her release. Take a look at this exciting moment captured.



7. F18 Fighter Jet.

A video was placed inside an F18 fighter jet at the naval air station, Whidbey Island.


6.  HD HERO Camera: Banzai Pipeline.

Surfers ride through the dangerous waves of the Banzai Pipeline



5. Lion Hug.

‘The Lion Whisperer’ also known as Kevin Richardson enjoys his company.



4. A Blond and a Great White Shark.

This video barely needs a description, This brave girl swims alongside a Great White whilst being recorded by a GoPro.


3.  Fireman saves kitten.

A fireman rescues a poorly kitten and nurses him back to health getting it all on his HD HERO3.


2. Back flip over 72ft canyon.

Kelly Mc Garry completes a back flip over the 72ft canyon with a HD HERO3 attached to his helmet. He came in 3rd place within the Red Bull rampage 2013.


1. Red Bull Stratos: Felix Baumgartner.

This is moment everybody will remember , the worlds highest free fall. Felix  Baumgartner broke world records when he fell from a whopping distance of 38,969.3 metres. The speed he fell at made him the first human to break the sound barrier. GoPro recently released more footage of the fall through Felix’ eyes..

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