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The Tonti Cup: Preview

It’s time by Robbie ParleDean Conran

For many people out there, Tonti cup is an unfamiliar fixture. The Reason maybe it is played between a group of Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) students and some Waterford locals. It may be played between a small group of people but it’s reach is wide spread. Some of the ex-Tonti Players having placed themselves in the various corners of the world.

Now one may ask, what is “The Tonti Cup”? As mentioned, before it is Astro Turf football game played between a group of WIT students and some Waterford City locals.

In the mist of 2012, a group of graphics design students of WIT met in the corridors of College street campus and agreed to play a weekly game of football on Wednesdays at the Villa football Club. Thus, the Tonti Cup was born.

Over the years, in many Wednesday evenings this game was played between two groups of lads who were friends, frenemies and mere acuteness’s. As the days went by the rivalry between the two Teams, “Your Mother well” and “Looking Well” grew intense. At one point a Mug was introduced as a trophy to play for. Which, saw the rivalries one step beyond.

The first ever Tonti Cup final was held in 2015 before everyone finished college and headed off to the big abyss that is “Real World”. But in 2018 after a big 3 years gap and people respectively settling into their own abysses, the boys from the college street halls are back to play the 2nd Annual Tonti Cup Final. And this time they are not just playing for the pride but also playing for a real-life cup.

The Tonti Teams. Photo: SundayLeagueTv

The organisers WhatsApp group have been buzzing with everyone returning to their Favourite City of Port Láirge. also, there might have been some friendly exchange of words. As it can been seen in a video below what it meant for the previous winning captain “Chief” to win the previous Leg of the Tonti Mug.


Only the time will tell the outcome when these everyday average heroes go head to head in the Astro battlefield that is the Villa Fc of Waterford City.

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