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Popular food among the Rivers people of Nigeria

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The cuisines we are going to see here always reminds us of the Rivers State people in Nigeria because they are the popular food eaten around that region. They are as follows; Bole, Onunu and Native soup. Rivers State is one of the 36 states located in the south-south region of Nigeria (the giant of Africa) and it is known as The Treasure Base of the Nation. The rivers people are known for their rich cultural heritage and unique way of life.

This meal is most appreciated by the people and they regard it as their go to meal especially during lunch break at work or after a stressful afternoon. It is mostly bought from vendors who put up their barbecue stand by the road side. The food is a combination of roasted plantain or yam and roasted fish then it is eaten with a spicy palm oil stew.

Bole on the barbecue stand . Photo Credit @sharpsooters
Ready to eat Bole. Photo credit Prince Adoki

This food is mostly eaten by the people from the Coastal part of the state known as Kalabari and Okirika. This meal is their native dish and it is prepared with boiled yam,very ripe plantain and oil. The combination would be put into a mortar and pounded together . Onunu can be eaten with either Pepper soup, Stew or any sauce you will like.

Ready to eat Onunu. Photo credit @u_don_chop

This is another meal generally accepted by the Rivers people especially the Kalabari and Okirika as their native dish. This meals is very rich not only because it is expensive to prepare but it contains a lot of sea food like fish,prawns,crab,crayfish,oyster,periwinkles and a whole lot more. This food is eaten with Eba, Pounded yam, Wheat and even Onunu.

Ready to eat Native Soup. Photo credit @9jafoodpot

When you visit Rivers State Nigeria, these are the cuisines you should look out for and you would be glad you tried it.

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