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The things we miss while on lockdown

Needless to say that these are testing times. Most of us are stuck indoors with family, and it is beginning to feel like the move Groundhog Day!

In an effort to raise the spirits of our readers while also taking our mind off present events, we have carried out a survey to find out what people are missing about normal everyday life.

In order to be able to present the data in reader friendly manor we have had to narrow down the options, but please comment if there is anything which you specifically miss outside of the options provided.

Please review the pie chart below. Click on the options to reveal what slice of the pie it has!

[visualizer id=”61236″]

Only one of the readers surveyed misses going to work above all else! In fairness working remotely or not at all certainly poses some challenges.

The highest-ranking option was sports or the gym, which is great to see. In second place was attending live events. Just to provide further insight this includes the cinema, concerts or any form of live gig. Usually at this point in the year, Ireland is entering festival season and clearly many readers would trade their living room for a mosh pit right now.

Unsurprisingly eating out took almost a quarter of readers votes. Milking the few local takeaways that are still delivering, doesn’t quite substitute to a day out in McDonalds or wining and dining in a Michelin star restaurant.

Going to the pub received the least votes outside of going back to work, This might come as something of a surprise, however perhaps the public are able to meet these needs through their supermarkets.

While these glorious activities may be unattainable within the short-term future, in the interim it is important to keep busy. provide a list of some engaging activities to fill the void:

What activities have you been missing most? Please comment below with your suggestions!

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