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The Syrian and the Kurdish Community in Ireland

The Circular spoke to Ahmad Kobani Syrian interpreter, and in this video, he explained the situation of the Syrian refugee in Ireland and what they need.

Ahmad Kobani is both Syrian and Kurdish, and he agreed to answer some questions about his project, the creation of the Irish Kurdish Community.

Why did you create the Kurdish Irish Community?
The reason behind creating the Irish Kurdish Community to gather all Kurds in Ireland and to show Irish Community who we are and our culture plus making the integration process quite easy.

Which are the goals of the association?
To make the integration process more natural and to keep our mother tongue and culture and pass it to Ireland baby born.
How many Kurdish are living in Ireland and what they do here?
We don’t know the exact number of Kurds here in Ireland, but it could be more than 15.000.Living across the country ( mostly in Carrick-On-Shannon), they are doing everything as their other immigrants( office jobs, doctors, restaurants owners, etc.)

What makes Kurdish people different in the Middle East?
The difference between us and the other middle eastern nations are we are the third largest nations in the area, and we don’t have our state plus we are less conservative regards to religion.
How is different the role of the women in the Kurdish Community?
Role of the women in the Kurdish community is not less than the men’s one as you might have seen Kurdish female in the front line fighting Isis and women in Kurdish society are equal to men, and there is no difference between their rights and the men’s one.

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