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The “Survival of the Fittest” during Quarantine

In the 21st Century,  fitness is a necessity. With the COVID- 19, most parts of the world are on lockdown. There is so much free time on our hands and though Netflix binge-watching during the virus is a great way to escape reality, many individuals are worried about staying in shape during this time as gyms and public parks have closed down.

There are low chances to be exposed to the virus as one should eat healthily, exercise daily and stay at home. There are a lot of Fitness challenges blowing up Social Media along with WHO giving guidelines to stay fit during this pandemic.

There are some positives that the fitness industry is facing in Ireland according to The Irish Times.  With social media and the digital world at our fingertips and easily accessible, there are many celebrities and influencers sharing their workout routines online making it accessible to the public which is a great example of user-generated content.

There are viral quarantine trends that are blowing up on social media. Applications such as Instagram are creating a united front during this pandemic.  There are a number of musicians, staying connected and performing concerts live on social media platforms as most of the festivals such as Coachella have canceled.

Fret not, you can’t go to the gym but the gym can come to your doorstep digitally. The lockdown has proven beneficial for fitness enthusiasts and the public. The pandemic has made gym and personal trainers share their workouts giving one the motivation to stay fit even during these tough times.

Do you work out during this pandemic?

Do you work out at home during this pandemic?

What platform do you use to workout?

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