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The struggle for transportation

Oshodi bus station, Lagos

photo by LMCabrita

It can be quite challenge to get around Nigeria. Although transport infrastructure exists and is fairly well built, their overall neglect renders them unreliable. Roads, Nigeria’s main means of transportation, conveys more than 80 percent of all the country’s traffic.

Nigeria’s transportation is one of the failing infrastructures that requires serious attention. Despite government promises, the poor state of roads in Nigeria has not seen much change or development, if any, in the last few years. This article highlights the major road transport issues in Nigeria.

Road transport is intended to be the most readily accessible in any community. For their day-to-day activities, people need road transport, to travel to their work or study sites, to transport their goods, for inter-city and intra-city travel, etc.

In Nigeria, the majority of accidents are caused by two main factors: road and person. Road considerations include issues like bad roads, abandoned sites or ongoing maintenance sites, traffic jams or congestion on the roads.

The human factors are reckless driving, disobeying traffic light and signs, drivers who are ill-tempered and impatient. Nigerian road accident rate is a major issue that the government needs to tackle heads on. Road considerations include such issues as bad roads, abandoned sites or ongoing maintenance sites, traffic jams or road congestion.

It is probably one of the reasons leading to the Nigerian roads being in poor condition. No matter how robust it is when it was built, any infrastructure needs to be maintained as wears and tears are unavoidable as long as the infrastructure is being put into use.

This is one of the greatest problems that this form of transport faces.As a result of erosions, portholes and poor drainage systems, the majority of roads are left in very bad shapes.And newly constructed ones are being designed using inferior materials, thereby leaving them within a short period of time to the mercy of the elements.

Having identified road transport problems in Nigeria, I hope to raise public awareness of these issues and to think together about possible solutions to them.The crucial factor, however, is the timely funding and involvement from the Local Government and Federal Government to dramatically resolve all of these problems.

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