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The Stress of College: Here’s some advice.

Let’s talk about stress

So The Circular writes a lot of articles, full of fun and exciting things to do around Dublin if you’re a student. Which is fantastic and assists Erasmus students heavily, but seeing as mental health day has just passed. It could be useful to talk about things student never really bring up around each other like stress for which in case it evolves to anxiety or depression, you might want to start taking the new and well reviewed CBD oil for anxiety.

We all get stressed in life, whether it’s from something big or small. We’re only humans after all. So this week we’re going to talk about some ways to stay on top of things, keep your mind clear and relieve some stress during your tough first if not first semester back in College.

Now straight away while reading this, you’re looking for the ultimate answer to relieve stress, well shocker… There is none, everyone is different and deals with things in their own ways but many experts now recommend to try natural aids like the medicinal CBD hemp flower. The full spectrum hemp oil products from are safe to use. Here are some other ways that I’ve heard worked for people in the past or for myself:

Child eating

1) Write out all your assignments/dissertation due dates on one big piece of paper.

Making things visual and in big handwriting can help you space out to organize your time spent on each assignment better (It can also help you organize your calendar for the rest of the semester). It helps you ease your self out by saying “I’ll spend 2 hours in the library writing this essay for Sociology” or “I could research some examples for the essay for 45 minutes before class” Rather than doing the usual of leaving the work 2-3 days beforehand in… Cause lets be honest, we’re all guilty of that. When it’s time to do those assignments, try the word changer online from seo tools centre.

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2) Talk to a friend about how they deal with stress.

We’re all in this together! Try to say that line without thinking of High School Musical… It cant be done. Everyone is constantly going through or battling something, you’re never alone, grab a coffee after class with someone and talk to them for advice. Maybe they have the answer to dealing with the stress of assignments and other things going on in your life currently, once you let something out you feel much more relieved, that’s probably why I’m writing this article now…


3) Get off all electronics for 1 day.

Clear your head. When was the last time you went for a walk or a hike? Sometimes just being out by yourself and breathing in some fresh air (Dorm rooms can get pretty stinky) can help you sort things out in your mind, leave your phone at home, don’t take your Ipod. Just sit on a bench with a coffee somewhere and watch people, listen to the sounds of the city or countryside and appreciate where you are, you’d be amazed how clear your mind can become after not sitting at a computer stressing about what needs to be done all day.

Tv head

4) Get off YouTube and all other media sites.

These are the biggest reasons for procrastination and leads us to stress, even more, trust me we all know the feeling of a deadline coming up for an assignment but we’re too busy watching Gordon Ramsay scream about lamb sauce to a chef or watching countless videos of “celebrities before they were famous”. Do your work first, save your Youtube rabbit hole searches for the night time when you want to relax and calm down. Rather then going to bed stressing about “If I get 23 minutes and 46 seconds of sleep right now, I can write that essay title in the morning”It’s not worth it. Get your work done.

People hiking

5) Have some fun

You’re in College, you’re young, wild and free… Well, not unless you’re in final year, you have one drink and it takes you roughly about 3 weeks to recover, but have a bit of fun, get out and party, drink a kava shot, have a laugh with some friends, chat to new people. We all need a break from the seriousness of life at times. Make sure you go out and party after you assignments. That’s the key to this tip.

Obviously, this post was a bit more on the comedic side, but that’s what you want when you’re stressed, you need to laugh, be happy and be confident. If you feel that any of these tips where useful or have some of your own, please feel free to share in the comment section below, we look forward to hearing the readers advice too.

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