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The story behind Drake’s God Plan video where he gave out $1m

On Friday, February 16, American rapper Drake dropped the video for his chart-topping single   “God’s Plan”.
Anytime Drizzy drops a music video it makes headlines given his ability to create trends; remember hotline blink, YOLO (the Motto), Headline, Take Care and Started from the bottom.
However, God’s Plan while not as catchy as the aforementioned song, it is set to top the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks to come according to the company itself and it all because of the music video.

Drake performing in Dublin Sunday 19th February – Photo Credit: Emma Nolan

The Canadian born rapper revealed at the beginning of the music video that he was given $996,631.90 for the shoot but instead, he gave back the money to people in need in Miami in an amazing philanthropic effort.
Before we give you all the details of the video, first you have to watch it;

What is the video about?
Firstly it is a documentary of Drake doing good deeds for the people of Miami as he walked across town giving out money to people in need and in different places.
How does Drizzy feel about his efforts?
The rapper took to Instagram to call the video “the most important thing I have ever done in my career”.

Which places and people were featured in the video?
While the video does not strictly tell all the places Young Papi visited, Billboard does have the lowdown.
Drake donated $25,000 to a high school which has been identified as Miami Senior High School. The name of the University of Miami Student that Drake donates $50,000 to is Destiny James.

Drake appeared in a grocery store and said all the customers would have their goods paid and that store has been identified as the Sabor Tropical Super Market in Miami.
The singer visited a women’s homeless shelter called Lotus House of Miami and donated $50,000 and different gifts.
Who directed the video?
OVO sounds revealed that Karena Evans, a protege of Director X directed the video. She also hails from Toronto, Canada like Drizzy.


A post shared by Karena Evans (@karenaevans_) on Feb 18, 2018 at 11:52am PST

Director X directed the popular music videos for Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and “Started From The Bottom.”

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