– Hip hop is what I love

Omar (to the right) performing in Bergen, Norway
PHOTO: Solveig Bakken/GatekunstAkademiet

After coming out with yet another song, Omar is climbing the ladder within the hip-hop industry. His new single “Hard work pays off” has been surrounding on social medias such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Omar Faal (21) from Norway goes by his artist name Black O. He started writing bars when he was 15, and he produced his first track early in 2009 when he was 17 years old.

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– Anything is possible, and it is that simple and easy. Find your field; know that you actually have talent and work hard on it. Eventually people are going to catch on to it and support you as long as it is on a positive note.

Since the first song dropped back in 2009, he has been getting enormous responses, which have motivated him to continue with his music at a higher level.

– I am trying to not be to cliché, but the truth is that music means everything to me. It basically means love, because I feel like music brings people together. It brings feelings together despite a person’s heritage, sex or age group. That’s why I love music so enormous.

Keep your head up
His songs are often about motivation and the fact that giving up is not an option no matter what you are trying to pursue in your life. Keep your head up, and be strong.

– Things happen. Ups and downs, and that’s something that we all are familiar to, so that’s what im trying to achieve with my music. What has been the struggle within my music is the difficulties in terms of getting studio time and getting in touch with people to work with that actually have the same intentions with their music as I do.

The difficulties seem distant now as he is on his way with his music. When listening to the lyrics of his songs, you get a feeling that he cherishes his family and friends.

– The music I make is heartfelt. Either it’s directly from my personal life situations or from happenings surrounding the people me and the people I cherish. The style of music that I do came naturally to me because that’s the style of music I actually listen to the most, though I listen to all kinds of music as well.

He has big dreams and wants to climb the ladder within the hip-hop industry. His main goal is to be able to make hit records that might change peoples lives in a positive way, and one day be able to work with the people he look up to.

– Growing up, music was my release, but when Hip Hop caught my attention, that was when I really became a music enthusiast. I am inspired from mainstream rap from 1995 and the rap of today.

Make a change
One of the artists he mentions is 2pac, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Tyga, Eminem and Obie Trice. He has also become a fan of rap coming from the UK.

– My goals for the future are many. But the biggest one is to be able to live off of making music so I can make special projects which can touch people through entertainment and make me so financially comfortable that I can actually make a change in the environments which my parents came from which is Gambia/Senegal in West Africa. It’s a long shot, but that’s the biggest motivation behind me pursuing the life as a music artist.

Many of the family members and friends have been mentioned in his lyrics and his music videos.

– The reaction from my friends and family is more than I could ever expect, surprising at first, but now their just proud and keep motivating me. Keep your head up, the sky is the limit.

Some other songs and music videos from Black O:

“I Be Killin Em”
Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow” (Black O Remix)
“Black O – Fear (Remix)”

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