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Are You In the Possession Of Any Questionable Shirts?

Image Credit : Christine Hayek Source: Unsplash

If the answer to the above is yes, well we would love to hear from you. And we would also love to welcome you to our growing community here at the Sh*t Shirt Saga.

Image Credit: Black Linear Studios Source: Unsplash

We often like to express ourselves and our identities through our choice of clothing. For better or for worse. Whether we are into wearing all black and pretty somber, like to add a lot of colors or we vow never to wear a dress, it can tell a lot about a person just from the outset. However, these T-shirts are particularly different because they’re not what you would expect to see someone wear. They catch you off guard. And some of them are pretty genius. Whether it is because of spelling errors, a lost in translation saying or is completely ironic based on their situation at their time, they are providing pretty solid entertainment instead.

So, what better than a communal, good spirtied place where we can all share our slightly more questionable clothing purchases, particularly shirts. If one is going to make a fashion mishap, it seems that the shirt is the most popular garment to offend with.

The never ending Saga of Shit Shirts seems to be a universal experience, although for a while I was beginning to think the most prolific offenders were Santa Ponsa Stag Parties.

If you or any of your close circle enjoy the art of a good (eyebrow raising) shirt, please send in some content, we would love to see. We meaning me, I would love to see them. I thouroughly enjoy a terrible shirt.

And hey, according to the Insider, in a study from Harvard Business School, people who dress a little alternatively get more respect. Interesting. Not entirely sure that it would lend itself to wearing one of these shirts to the next board meeting, but I could be wrong. Have a read here.

And of course as always, please hit that follow button.

I’m not sure there’s a way to drop that line in without igniting a subtle air of desperation.

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