The Seven Wonders of Metropolis

Photo courtesy of and copyright (Greyson Ferguson), Free Range Stock.
Photo courtesy of and copyright (Greyson Ferguson), Free Range Stock.
Photo courtesy of and copyright (Greyson Ferguson), Free Range Stock.

The RDS (Royal Dublin Society) is set to host the Metropolis festival from Saturday the 7th November until Sunday the 8th November.

1) Kaytranada – His style derives from a love for Hip Hop and R&B, citing illustrious acts such as J Dilla influential in his unique sound. The seduction in his songs has been linked to the up-tempo, neo-soul bass lines complemented by deeply groovy disco funk that is present in ‘At All’ and his rework of Modjo’s ‘Lady’.  Kaytranada ability to infuse a culmination of R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop and Electronica and blend them masterfully together is set to be a highlight from the festival.

2) Jeff Mills – Earned his moniker ‘The Wizard’ while masterfully using three mixing decks created a track that arguably changed techno forever. “The Bells” was not just their first point  of contact for most people  with electronic music as it went on to further influence the next generation of producers. It is a timeless track, promoting the notion that art does not have to have a finite lifetime.

3) Kerri Chandler – He is an Electronic music producer and DJ, founder of house music label Madhouse Records and MadTech Records. This musical giant grew up in New Jersey influenced by his family of Jazz musicians. Kerri’s father was a DJ who provided him with a background in the origins of soul, disco and ‘The New York Underground Sound’. At the age of fourteen he began interning in studios and producing music. Since his release of “ SuperLover/Get it Off” on Atlantic Records in 1991 he has gone on to accumulate over 100 records.

4) Chic featuring Nile Rodgers – Chic was first formed in 1976 by guitarist Nile Rodgers and bassist Bernard Edwards. Chic’s illustrious career has influenced many artists across many different genres. The groove and funk of this headline act is a treat for the listener, as they listen to some of the best live disco in the world.

5) Todd Terje – AKA Terje Olsen has been producing for a little over a decade and  finally has released his much anticipated album ‘It’s Album Time’. Under multiple monikers over the year, Olsen has released  a variety of tracks venturing into different genres and infusing some succulent sounds. Olsen’s choice to call himself Todd Terje is because of the New York house master Todd Terry. The expert craftsmanship found on Terje’s original productions is a result of all those years spent splicing together disco edits, isolating and reveling in a track’s finest aural treasures and extending them to infinity. His disco background has clearly influenced his song Inspector Norse which captivates the audiences with it’s groovy demeanor.

6) Jamie XX –  Jamie Smith was born on the 29th October 1988 in England. Smith is a member of The XX, while also performing independently as a music producer, remix artist and DJ. The stage name Jamie XX was first used in July 2009 in a promotional mix for the band’s debut album “XX” released as part of the FACT Magazine mix series. The mix was compiled by Jamie Smith and featured four tracks credited to Jamie’s XX entailing one self-production and three remixes.

7) Flight Facilities – Is comprised of two Australian electronic producers Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell, who also perform as Hugo & Jimmy. They first began DJing and mixing songs back in 2009 subsequently creating the own original material. Their first original song ‘Crave You’ featured Giselle Rosselli, received considerable airtime in Australia on the alternative music radio station Triple J in 2010. Their debut album ‘Down To Earth’ was released in October 2014 and features prominent names in the industry such as Kylie Minogue, Emma Louise and Owl Eyes.

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