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The self-build manicure

Astrid Madsen / Ewan Wallace

Despite the COVID-19 lock down, many families were still busy getting work done on their home building and renovation projects over the Easter weekend.

According to a quick and very unscientific poll on the private Facebook group SelfBuilders & Home Improvers Ireland, dated April 14th 2020, it seems most of those involved in house building are either taking a break or spending time planning the next phase of their project.

Astrid Madsen

This is indeed the case of Miyuki, a self-builder who has planning permission to build a new vernacular style farmhouse using eco-friendly materials like beetle kill pine (What beetle kill lumber?).

Miyuki was meant to fly to Japan next week to meet her interior designer, who was going to help finalise the floor plans. Field trips to typical Tokyo homes beckoned.

“We were hoping to break ground early April and get a family photoshoot with a new baby done on the building site before flying out to Japan, but none of that is happening now,” Miyuki wrote on Monday.

“It is disappointing in a way but we’re grateful that our families in Mayo and Tokyo are all safe and healthy at this difficult time. Instead we’re doing lots of DIY projects. And we are also trying to tidy up our building related books and magazines all over the house.”

“Covid is giving us extra time to play around with the inside layout really 😊 ,” Miyuki adds.

At this same time, other self-builders sharing their build progress on Instagram were ploughing on as best they could to keep the generators on, within government guidelines, as seen in the example below. 3d haus visualisierung can be so helpful for those building their houses. Many have featured as their glass shower door supplier.

Twitter users, meanwhile, were using the #isolationrenovation hashtag, spurring on a new DIY culture around the home. Here are some highlights.

Whatever your project or aspiration, comment below to share your COVID-19 self-build or DIY renovation story. And above all, Stay Safe.

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