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The Secret Obsessions That Cannot Make People Sleep

Those people you see in the photos have secrets, and they are ready to share with you.

People who became obsessed with their objects and cannot sleep without them are now under the spotlight! Some people cannot sleep without their pillow or blankets. Some people cannot sleep without their teddy bears, or some people cannot sleep if their favourite books are not next to them. Actually, this case is very common, but people sometimes cannot talk about that kind of obsessions quite readily. It is because they may be shy, or they think that they can be regarded as strange or odd. 

Blossom, Zira and Zeynep told their own obsessions for us. Those people started to get used to their objects or their special conditions when they were kids, and then their circumstances became their obsessions. Moreover, to comprehend their cases with the psychological approach, their cases asked to be analysed by the psychological counsellor and the guide teacher Muge Kucukal, who worked almost 3 years for the psychotherapy centre called as Imge in Izmit, Turkey.

Blossom Odubu, Credit by Emin Oğuz Akgöz

Blossom cannot sleep without noise. Let’s look at what her secret is!  

How long have you had this obsession?

Blossom: I have had it for as long as I can remember, I think since I was 6 or 7.

What is your age?

Blossom: I am currently 24.

What does it happen if you cannot provide the condition? What do you feel?

Blossom: I don’t feel anything exactly, I just feel like something is missing or everyone and everything around me is dead.

What kinds of sound do you need to sleep?

Blossom: Any noise, songs, white noise (sound of rain is my favorite), cartoons, whatever noise I can find.

Do you want to get rid of it?

Blossom: No, I do not want to get rid of it, it makes me feel like I always have someone there.

Kucukal explained that in the childhood period, people may develop some kind of irrational fear. They can be affected by the movie that they watch, or an experience they face. Also, they can be affected by the fear that is conveyed by their families or their inner circle. For this particular case, she chose to handle her fear with sleeping in a noisy room when she was 6 or 7 years old, other parents may rather choose sound therapy training class or any other form of psychological help for their children, however using white noise is a great start for some quick solutions. Furthermore, Kucukal added that she may have been led to choose that way of handling the situation by her family. In both circumstances, her fear-coping mechanism works like this. If she is glad with her mechanism, and if it does not affect her social life in a negative way, it is not considered to be a problem.

Zira Schön, Credit by Emin Oğuz Akgöz

Zira cannot sleep without a okapi which was given by her dear mother. Here is her secret!

How long have you had this obsession?

Zira:  I have had it since I was a little kid.

What is your age?

Zira: I am now 24.

What does happen if you have to sleep without it? How do you feel?

Zira: My mother gave it to me that’s why it has a meaning for me, and I love it because okapi is a cute animal and only a few people know it. That makes it special.

Do you want to get rid of your obsession?

Zira: No, not yet.

Kucukal analysed that “Since the birth of a baby, with having the strong bond between her mother, the baby cannot be aware of her individual existence, and the baby considers that she and her mother becomes a whole. When the baby minding like breast-feeding or changing the diaper comes to a halt, the baby starts to aware of her independent existence. This is a transition period. In that process, she sometimes can give a reaction against their families. However, sometimes, she can handle that period with attaching a toy, a pillow, or a blanket. The reason is that those kinds of objects make the transition period easy. For instance, when a child stops breast-feeding, she will start to be feed with nursing bottle. Furthermore, although that nursing bottle is not related to the mother, because of its function, it reminds her the bond between child and mother.  Also, Kucukal told that in Zira’s case, the toy was given her by her mother when she was a child, which means that she could give meaning to her object like that. Some objects can feel a child calm and relaxed, and they are also called as the transitional objects.”

Zeynep Alparslan, Credit by Emin Oğuz Akgöz

Zeynep’s case is that she cannot sleep without her little pillow. She brings her little pillow to everywhere she travels if she has to sleep somewhere.

How long have you had this obsession?

Zeynep:  I have had it since I was born.

How old are you right now?

Zeynep: I am 28 years old.

What does happen if you have to sleep without your pillow? How do you feel?

Zeynep: I see nightmares, and I wake up and try to find my pillow.

Kucukal explained that “This case is very similar to Zira’s case. The only difference is that this time it is a pillow rather than a toy.” 

Consequently, people can simply be attached to some objects, and that situation can be resulted from the psychological thing, or they give a special meaning to those objects. However, those obsessions sometimes cannot be spoken out loud because they are quite special for people who have obsessions, and they may think that those obsessions can be thought to be abnormal. That is why they are shy about talking about them. As the psychological counsellor and the guide teacher Muge Kucukal those kinds of obsessions are not harmless if they do not affect people’s social lives and their happiness in a negative way. Most significantly, if people start to talk about those kinds of obsessions, they will be aware of the fact that they are not alone in this entire world because many people have similar obsessions like they have. 

If you have an obsession like this, you are welcome to share with us !

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