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Is your cat having an affair? The answer is probably yes.

Photo by Snapewire from Pexels

Cats like persian cats are fluffy, independent, and very smart. These cats are good source of happiness for they can make you feel better and relax. Some studies have even proven that having a cat as a pet is also good for your health, they can help reduce stress and anxiety and also help you to sleep better.

With so many advantages, there’s no surprise that come cats want to share their benefits with other people, beside their original owner. I am really into cats so I decided to buy a battery operated water fountain for cats.

That was what happened with Mary Lore Barra, who resides in Mexico. She told the dodo that Pixi, her cat, was just a kitten when he showed up at her place. As Mary is an animal lover, she decided to keep him and started taking care of Pixi. She said, the cat loved going out to explore, but always came back, so she never worried about him.

However, one day Mary noticed something different in her cat, he was wearing a collar that she had never seen before and so she decided to put a note in the collar.

“My name is Pixi the cat”, she wrote. “I think he has two houses haha.”

When Pixi came back, there was another note on his collar saying:

“Here is called Huarache”, the note said. “It appears that he does have two houses, haha. Greetings!”

Pixi’s/Huaraches’ secrets had been discovered, he was getting double food rations and affection, but certainly was giving double of his love to both owners who didn’t get upset about sharing their cat, instead they swapped notes again speaking about his visit to the vet and how many times he was already fed.

Doing the research for this article, I found out some other people who also share their cats;

Teeh Cardoso says:

This baby is from my neighbor, she stays here more than at her own place, and we communicate via WhatsApp, but her owner is a bit jealous because she spends mote time here at home (she only sleeps and drinks water all day). We never feed her, but she adopted us three years ago.

@dudcabeyo5 tweeted:

There’s a cat here at home that comes here just to eat and sleep. Afterwards he leaves and only comes back at night. For sure he lives in another house.

And also people like Kate Bradley that caught her cat bringing his cat mates into her house.

Those stories just reminded me that something very similar happened to me some eight years back.

Chico came to my place only one week after I moved in, he was very tiny, so I though he was abandoned and started to feed him and call him Chico. At that time, my place was more of a student accommodation and Chico used to love all the attention he got from everyone. But he was independent and loved his adventures outside, never staying very long.

We noticed that he was getting heavier very fast, and one day just like Pixi, Chico showed up with a collar and a note saying that the cat’s name is Titi.

As shocked as I would be, I just laughed, my cat was cheating on me with another owner, but he is so loving and cute that I couldn’t be mad at him.

Chico/Titi, still performs his mantra of knocking at the door to get in and stares at his half-full food dish almost saying “I know it’s old and I want a fresh one!” Then he takes his nap and after he wakes up, knocks the door to go out and probably visit some other house.

Chico – Photo by Paula Ferreira

I must say that after eight years of feeding and caring for Chico, I’ve never met his other owner in person. But we know Chico will always be safe running from one house to another, giving and receiving plenty of love.

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