The Riptide Movement brings its latest album to your closest HMV

Irish rock band The Riptide Movement takes its music on a mini tour around the HMVs in Ireland.

If you didn’t get the chance to see them live yet or if you want to have a sneak peek of their latest album Getting Through you better hurry up and go to Dundrum town centre where they are going to play at 2pm this afternoon.

The band which just had a concert in Vicar street, last friday 4th of April, is launching their third album which can be purchase on iTunes or in any record store in Ireland.

Dublin-based rock band The Riptide Movement released their third album ‘Getting Through’ on Friday 4th of April at the HMV store in Henry street, where they also performed few songs as a teaser. The band, which already won an award as best Irish album in 2012  with Keep On, Keepin‘ On, has been working on Getting Through for over a year and they had just signed with Universal Music label;  a huge step up after years of self-production and freezing mornings spent playing in Grafton Street.

The Irish quartet , originally from Lucan, South Dublin, was formed in 2006 by lead singer and guitarist Mal Tuohy, bassist and harmonica player Ger Mc Garry, lead guitarist John Dalton, and drummer Gar Byrne.

Photo credits: Chiara Pizzi
Talking to John and Mal about their beginning and what brought them to sign with such an important music label they say that there is no secret of success such as persistence and working really hard. They are a great example of this since they have been playing together for so many years and all the rain they got performing on the street finally payed off once they shared the same stage with The Rolling Stones last summer at Hyde Park.
In their latest album the band mixes a blues vibe with a more classic rock tune as in songs like Animal. The folk spirit is inner their music and it gets evident in songs as Getting Through or Skin and Bones which show Bob Dylan’s influence; they also recall the Avett Brothers but with a more upbeat style.
That is probably The Riptide Movement’s strength: bringing back a recognizable sound and making something completely contemporary and groovy out of it.DSC_0019

Getting Through is The Riptide Movement at their best. It hits you like a wave and drags you into an ocean of music and emotions. It is one of these albums that sticks with you throughout the years, the kind of album that is always contemporary to your time: it represents your present and your past and no matter what brings the future these lyrics will follow you there.

It is indeed The Riptide Movement’s most complete work and the most fluent Irish rock album released this year so far.

Even if nowadays it is easier to download music on the internet or vinyls are considered “cooler”, I strongly recommend to buy their CD because it is beautifully crafted with handmade drawings and it is an item that music lovers just need to have.

Photo credit: Claudia Verdecchia



Our souls are wandering, Our souls are wandering, From the cradle to the grave, afraid of what we’ll find, in the depths of our minds, the blind lead the blind.

Sycamore tree do you remember me? Beside the old house, just you and me.

-from track 10: Sycamore Tree.


Photo gallery of their album launch at the HMV in Henry Street:



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