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what is the most dangerous street?

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Dublin is a big city with just two main dividing lines: north and south. According to statistics, Kevin street in Dublin 8 is one of the most dangerous places in Dublin 8. Kevin street is regarded as a city with a high unemployment rate because at night you can see young boys and girls walking around or loitering on a street corner searching for the next curious onlooker to mug or mess around with. The rate of crime in Dublin is high.

Kevin street had a total number of 1401 cases in the year 2019, leading up to a very noticeable reduction in the following year with just 761 offenses. In comparing just 2 years Kevin street had the highest crime in Dublin 8.

A burglar breaking a padlock metal door
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According to the Policing Authority, the COVID 19 pandemic has ‘lured’ many youngster into violence as they have being cooped up at home all day which is not ideal and its worst when they do not have anywhere to go. Such boredom can increase the crime happening in such area.

Using an article published in The Journal a resident said “I know we need a bigger garda presence. I do feel sorry for them. They’re doing the best they can. But if you look around here, you can see they’re building loads of places so the population of this area is only going up. So, when they’re all done, are we going to have the same number of Gardaí on the beat? I hope not.”. In responding to the statement by an official spokesperson from the resident associate group, “This is completely true, the Bailey Gibson and Player Wills sites with the DCC development will introduce 1,600 new dwellings into the area, with most likely no additional Garda.”

A lot of the crimes such as theft, burglary, hijacking, and robbery are still ongoing cases. The resident are hoping the government will assign more patrol in other for them to feel more safe in their community.

These statistics below was obtained from the central statistics office Dublin.

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