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The Power of Positive Affirmations

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The mind-building process is very important. Mindset often control our perception of life, event, and ourselves. If you wake up feeling terrible, negative, or scared, such outlook will affect your outlook on life. Negative mindset will make us tired, pessimistic, inferior.

Mindset are self-fulfilling prophecies; hence it is important that we adopt those that will impact our lives, careers, and relationships positively. 

Today’s episode of my podcast titled “Positive Affirmations with Ree” (recorded on Anchor FM) will focus on a positive mindset. I will be filling you in on how you can build a positive mindset and infuse it into your life so you grow positively. Believe me, this isn’t some corny motivational scam.

Podcast on “Positive Affirmations with Ree” by Rita Ovabore

If you have an idea on the importance of reflection and thought, then you know that the power to fulfill our dreams and sabotage it lies in our hands. People often categorize it as ‘Unrealistic’ or ‘Wishful thinking’. However, it is a simple process of exercising one’s mind so that our mental perception of the world around us will only culminate to increase the positivity in our lives rather than exploit doubt or sadness.

Research suggests that daily affirmation goes a long way to aiding effective performance. Imagine yourself at work, reaffirming your confidence, and you believe in your best qualities. Best believe that it’s an effective manner to building your confidence. Positive affirmation will eliminate any thought of stress, doubt and refill you with a motivation to unlock your problem-solving abilities. Another segment of today’s episode will provide you some catalogue on how to build your positive affirmation. By placing more emphasis on your confidence, self-esteem, books, music, art, and people, you are one step ahead to becoming more effective with your goal setting technique.

Before you embark on this journey, make sure you have fully performed a personal reflection on yourself. You need to know the areas of our life you wish to change, have a bigger picture on positivity and believe that your dreams of achievements are credible. You must also write down your goals and be ready to redefine the value system that your life has previously operated on.

“Coat your mind in positivity” by Steve Harvey. Source: YouTube
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