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The Power of Colours: Moods

In our daily lives, we cannot be in the same mood every day. Regarding what we experience in a day, our moods can change. As a matter of fact, colours have moods too. Most importantly, they affect us quite readily.  Let us introduce their moods with you!

First of all, red is the colour of love as we all know, but what about the other meanings of it? It is excited, passionate, and powerful. It gives an energy to its environment. As its negative moods, it is challenging, dangerous, and strainer.

Blue gives trust and peace to us. It is loyal, adequate, and powerful because of its accumulation of knowledge. As its negative moods, it is cold, indifferent, and timid. It is lacking of emotions. Besides that, it is insincere.

Yellow gives happiness. It reflects creativity, joy, positivity, optimism, self-confidence, and amiability. Also, it is extrovert. As its negativity, yellow is a colour of depression, anxiety, fragility, and fear.

When it comes to green, it is a colour of equilibrium, harmony, environmental awareness, high quality, nature, healing, and freshness. On the other hand, it is a colour of boredom, stagnation, and emotional weakness.

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Orange is a colour of success. Furthermore, it reflects sociability, courage, comfort, fertility, and helpfulness. However, it is a colour of deprivation, disappointment, frivolity, and immaturity.    

Pink! It is candid, sweet, and feminine. It reflects love, calmness, and compassion. Negatively, it is a colour of physically weakness, restraint and emotional claustrophobia.

Purple is avid. It is a colour of faith, morale, and luxury. On the other hand, it reflects oppression, introversion, and regression.

Black? It is very dramatic! It is formal, sophisticated and classy, but sometimes, it is a colour of depression and sorrow.  

Brown reflects durability, robustness, and naturalness. However, it sometimes can be brusque, gloomy, and boring.   

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If we look closer, we can see that their moods affect us. For example, people’s choice of colours represent their mood because the colours’ moods attract people’s moods. It is like an energy between colours and people.

When people decide what to wear, it is highly suggested that they should take their moods into account because their choices affect their reflections of their energies.  

Observe it and try it! Do not estimate the power of the colours’ moods.

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