The perfect Valentine’s Date in Dublin: five alternatives

Hearts, flowers, cards, chocolates… Hated by many and very expected by others, Valentine’s Day is a date which shows out our romantic side. If you live in Dublin, you have a special reason to celebrate this occasion because according to legend, the relics of the pattern of love are in the Carmelite church Whitefriar Street since November 10, 1836, when the reliquary containing the saint’s remains arrived in Dublin, and they were brought to this temple.

Therefore, the Irish capital is one of the most suitable places to celebrate this date with your partner. But if you are one of those who show their love every day and now you’ve run out of ideas, or if you are not too romantic and expensive dinners and bouquets of roses don’t apply to you, in this post you can find a top 5 plans (for all wallets and tastes) to celebrate one of the sweetest days of the year in Dublin:

1. Breakfast at Appleby’s

Valentine's Breakfast - Photo by ebru (Flickr)
Valentine’s Breakfast – Photo by ebru (Flickr)

Which girl hasn’t dreamed about feeling like Audrey Hepburn at least for once in life? Give to your girlfriend a Dubliner “Breakfast at Tiffanys’s” experience by having breakfast in Clodagh’s Kitchen in Arnotts, and after that go shopping with her to Appleby Jewellery… Advantages? If she chooses her own gift, you can’t mistake!

2. Spa Date

Relaxing massage - Photo by Jess Walters (Flickr)
Relaxing massage – Photo by Jess Walters (Flickr)

Nothing like a relaxing spa and massage session to show to your partner how much you care about him or her… Zenergy on Fade Street can provide you with a perfect and economic pampering session for couples to start the Valentine’s night free of stress and with renewed energies.

3. Words fly, writings remain

Love tattoo - Photo by tattospt (Flickr)
Love tattoo – Photo by tattospt (Flickr)

What better way to prove that your love is forever than writing it with indelible ink… in your own body? Choose a design which symbolizes your relationship, go to Wildcat Ink studio this February 14 and make your love permanent with his and hers tattoos and special gift’s offers.

4. Picnic in the Park

Picnic Basket - Photo by Paul (Flickr)
Picnic Basket – Photo by Paul (Flickr)

 Fast, easy, romantic… And so cheap! If you are one of those who leave everything to the last minute and you don’t have a Valentine gift yet, surprise your partner with a romantic picnic in St. Stephens Green, one of the most emblematic places in Dublin. We hope for good weather!

5. Romantic Irish Evening

Ha'Pennys Bridge Padlock - Photo by Donna Rutherford (Flickr)
Ha’Pennys Bridge Padlock – Photo by Donna Rutherford (Flickr)

 If you are from abroad and luckily have the opportunity of spending this special day with your partner in Dublin, why don’t make it special by doing the most typical Irish things? Taste the best pint in the venerable Flowing Tide pub followed by the tasty fish & chip dinner in Beshoffs on O’Connell Street and some Irish live music in Temple Bar (where you can also try to dedicate a special song for your partner)… And, to end the perfect Valentine’s day, take a walk under the moonlight until the Ha’Penny Bridge, where you can seal your love forever by leaving a padlock with your names in the bridge railing and throwing the key into the river Liffey.


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