The Perfect Skincare Guide

Photo: (Pinterest) Via Top Reviews
Photo: (Pinterest) Via Top Reviews
Photo: (Pinterest) Via Top Reviews

To achieve the perfect skin there are certain habits that have to be included in our daily routine.

Drink Water

Water energizes and makes your skin and body looking healthier. To drink water daily helps to eliminate bad toxins.

Quit fried food

Avoiding fried food helps to clean your skin from acne, make smarter choices! A diet rich in whole foods, fruits, vegetables and beans are the perfect way to achieve flawless looking skin!

Don’t sleep with makeup

Sleeping with makeup on clogs skin pores and accumulates the production of sebum (a natural skin oil that helps moisturize and protect skin) eventually causing acne.


It eliminates dead cells, improves skin texture, reduces appearances of large pores, helps your skin to absorb sebum and to moisturizes better, which prevents acne and wrinkles. Exfoliation also helps to even out skin tone.


Find the perfect moisturizer for your skin type (with the help of a dermatologist) and take the climate into consideration, don’t overdo it, otherwise you will just create extra layers on your skin that can lead to acne!

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