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The Outbreak of Coronavirus


Up till now 78994 cases of Coronavirus have been reported out of which 2470 people have been died and 23419 have been recovered. The highest rate of deaths has been seen in china, 2345 deaths have been reported as of 22 February, 2020. Coronavirus has now become a nightmare for the people in the world. The virus has now been spread to 28 different countries including Hong Kong, Japan, Iran, France, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The disease has been caused by a member of the novel Coronavirus family that has never encountered it before. The virus is transmitted in humans through animals. The people that have been infected initially frequently shopped or either worked in the human seafood wholesale market in the centre of the Chinese city.

This virus can cause illness ranging from most common cold to severe respiratory diseases such as acute respiratory syndrome and Middle East respiratory syndrome. Detailed investigations have revealed that acute respiratory syndrome is transmitted in human from civat cat’s and Middle East respiratory system in humans from dromedary.

Symptoms of the disease include respiratory symptoms, cough, flu, fever, pneumonia, shortness of breath, kidney failure and even death.

The world health organisation has declared this outbreak to be a public health emergency of international concern. Generally the viruses that spread more easily tends to have a milder impact than those who doesn’t.  According to WHO the corona virus appears to be hitting aged people hardest  with recorded only fewer cases in children’s.

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