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@youguys.hitfashion : the only Community where YOU are the fashion influencer

Photo by Ivan Oboleninov from Pexels

I have always loved fashion and hated influencers. The fact that people not having any special skills are now a gravy train irritates me. Some people would think “are you jealous ?” quite the opposite. The problem is the image they inspire. We are prioritising beauty and superficiality rather than intelligence and knowledges. And the worst thing is : they are giving people even more complex that they already have.

These people seem like they live a life that no one could afford. Fortunately for our beliefs, this is mostly all fake and a few only show their true face. Regarding money, the brands they are advertising for are over-offering them a lot of products, depending on their followers numbers, which is why they seem like they paid their luxury products by themselves. 

Concerning beauty, Instagram is a platform only based on image and perfection. Influencers seem to be wealthy and healthy, they play with envy and many people follow them because they would love to get a tenth of what influencers show. Yes, I said “show” and not “have”.

Plot twist : their life is not only joy and happiness and influencers have problems like everyone else !

No worries guys, your life is amazing, you are amazing and you can be your own influencer ! This is why I have created an Instagram Community where you are your own influencer. We inspire each other thanks to our gorgeous outfits and we share inspiration from affordable brands. The purpose is to find inspiration with “normal” people and @youguys.hitfashion is showing you that you can get amazing clothes without going broke !

In this community, we also promote the use of second-hand clothes. 

Three reasons to buy in a second-hand shop : 

  • You can find very good quality clothing (even luxury ones if you’re lucky).
  • You will never go broke even with a ton of them.
  • You do something for the environment. 

Three values for this account : fashion, art and obviously : be yourself.

Convinced ? Follow us on @youguys.hitfashion on Instagram and send us your best outfits !

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