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The Old Guard Movie Review

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Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood

Writers: Greg Rucka

Screen play: Greg Rucka (based on a graphic novel series), illustrated by Leandro Fernandez.

Gernes: Action, adventure, fantasy and thriller.

Year: 2020

Duration: 2h 5m

This movie met my expectations. I know this movie was out in 2020 but I couldn’t help but write my review about it. it’s a movie I can watch more than once because of how action packed it was. 

 Charlize Theron who played Andy was really incredible. The movie was based on a graphic novel. It was about a warrior named Andy who was the leader of a group of four mercenaries who were all immortal.  They have all lived for centuries and are devoted to helping people but also wanting stay hidden. They got exposed after taken on an emergency mission. They discovered Nile Freeman (Kiki Layne), a US marine, who was a new immortal. They all foght together to eliminate the threat who wants to reduplicate and make money of their power by any necessary means.

It’s an action-packed drama with lots of violence and blood. It also has a nice concept, and the execution was really good. It is a really diverse movie with women, gay men, and/or people of colour in big heroic positions, which is really exciting. Here are some reactions of people who watched the movie on twitter.

Twitter reactions of the old guard movie

The music was not really good as it did not go with the mood of the movie. Sure, there were some cliché and cringe moments, the move was really good overall.

I found the villain Merrick (Harry Melling) a little cringy. The hand to hand combats and gun fight sequences were really good. The movie needed more character development as only the character Andy was more developed with a deeper background backstory. The others background were a bit forgettable. 

The betrayal by Booker ( Matthias Schoenaerts) one of the mercenaries was really good but a bit predictable. Over all, the movie was really good and worth watching. My two hours was not wasted. I am not sure if the part two would be coming out any time soon but I am anticipating it.

I recommend it to anyone who loves action, blood and gun fights. The movie is a must watch. I would rate it 8/10.

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8 Responses

  1. This has been sitting on my movie list for some time now. This review has given me a good level of assurance that watching it will not be a waste of my time.

  2. Saw this movie on Netflix but wasn’t interested in watching it. Now this article has given a great insight to it and really sounds interesting. Now I don’t mind watch it.

  3. wow how did I miss out on this movie. I certainly can’t wait to watch it.
    Now, I have a movie to chill on during the weekend, thanks to your amazing review.

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