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The number of Corona Virus patients soars as the lockdown is eased in Nigeria.

The president of Nigeria said in his last briefing that there would be a relaxation of the nationwide Corona Virus lock down. This comment led to some disbelief as more cases of the Corona Virus are being found in Nigeria.
The first case of Corona Virus in Nigeria was reported on the 27th of February. The patient was an Italian citizen who had traveled to Lagos (the most populated state in Nigeria). The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) quarantined the patient and proceeded to contact the people that the patient had been in contact with. The second case of the virus was discovered a little over a week later. Despite attempts at quarantining all the individuals that came in contact with the patients, according to the NCDC, there were an additional 150 confirmed cases by the end of March. The Nigerian government imposed a lock down on the most populated states in Nigeria (Lagos, Kano) and Abuja (FCT). Other state governors followed suit to slow down the spread of the virus. However, by the end of April, there were another 1781 confirmed cases of Corona Virus.
Despite the increase in confirmed cases, the Nigerian government stated that the lock down would be eased. This has caused some controversy as there have been 873 cases of the Corona Virus in May. So far, 417 people have recovered while there have been 93 deaths.
Since the 1st of May, there have been over at least 150 confirmed cases of Corona Virus daily. Hence, the decision of the government.

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