The new faces of the twenty-first century tourists

Four new traveler profiles will emerge within the next decade.

The hotel will have to adapt to the new consumer demand, finds a study. According to the survey (Survey conducted by Intercontinental Hotels Group in partnership with The Futures Company), four new traveler profiles will emerge within the next decade.

On the one hand, the “new explorers” will come from fast-growing countries. China and India will be the main driving forces. Big spenders, these vacationers will absolutely want to see all the well-known cultural places and will not want to visit original places.

On the other hand, the “new families” will emerge. Two models, reflecting contemporary society will oppose. The multi-generational families have different needs than singles who seek stimulating experiences.

new famlies
The “Y Generation travelers” will correspond to young professionals. To conventional business centers, acclaimed by their predecessors, this new generation will prefer cafes, more convivial, where they could meet other business travelers, while still having access to their computer or smartphone, without difficulty.



Finally, the “rich dynamic seniors” will want to try new things, while having access to structures that meet their needs without their age constantly reminded. This category of travelers will be the wealthiest.



The identity of travelers becomes multidimensional ‘, which creates conflicting needs during a stay at the hotel. People will continue to want to feel at home when they will be abroad, working by meeting friend. The goal for hotels is to gather in a single infrastructure clients as diverse as single, or extended families.

The report also notes that many cities, little known to tourists expected in the near future to become leading tourist destinations. “400 medium-sized cities, little known, located in emerging countries (mainly China and India) will generate 40% of global economic growth over the next decade” the study said.

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