The thing about grief – it never lets you be
Grief. Credits to walknboston (Flickr)

Remember the first heartbreak? The first time someone broke your trust? The day your granddad expired? Or the day your childhood friend stopped talking to you? These negative but necessary experiences have shaped you into the person you are today, isn’t so? No matter how different they seem on the outside, all these situations trickle down to the very same feeling of emptiness, and an unending sadness, our grief.
Grief. Credits to walknboston (Flickr)
The worst thing about grief is that it stays. It’s a permanent dent on the walls of our heart, a dent that causes a major crack on how we perceive attachment from there on. You’re aware and scared of it at the same time, it just doesn’t let you be. You find yourself being afraid of falling in love again, of placing your trust in someone again. As soon as you decide to let someone step inside your guarded heart, the invisible dent that grief caused stares right into your soul.
Even on days, you think you have succeeded in pulling yourself out of the darkness of the situation, your grief looms over you as a constant reminder of what you’ve been through. It reflects the pain humans cause and why you should keep your guard up at all times. After all, self-preservation is the need of the hour. This is the best thing about grief, it never lets you be.
And then you learn the lesson behind it that gradually everything falls back into its place and whatever happens, happens for the best.

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