The Most Left-Wing Football Clubs Of The World

Football is the most popular game in the world or at least it is in Europe. And as everything in this world it is part of our lives and sometimes what happens on stadiums  represents the world behind them. Many football clubs are well known for its supporters, and some of them not only for their songs and performances, but for their political views too. This article is about the clubs, which are famous for its left-wing supporters.

1) Livorno, Toscana, Italy.

Livorno is a capital of Italian communism. Italian communist party was fond  right in this city in 1921. Fans of local club picked up the ideology of the new world without exploitation and still keep living with it. Portraits of Che Guevara and Joseph Stalin on banners and T-shirts is not unusual here. True spirit of communism. Livorno is a club, which every year celebrates the birthday of Joseph Stalin.

At the start of every math fans sing  the song of Italian antifascist partizans of WWII, «Bandiera Rossa». Their chants are usually about filthy capitalists, exploitated working class, useless government and during games against AC Milan, a special hit – “Silvio Pedofilio”. When 17 Italian troopers died in Iraq all football fans showed their respect with minute of silence, except Livorno. Livernessi started singing in support of Iraq army.

2) Omonia, Nikosia, Cyprus.

Omonia was founded during the civil war in Greece by pro-communist fans, which left APOEL club for political reasons. And still there is a fan political battle, APOEL – rights, Omonia – lefts.

Communist party is still popular in Cyprus and Omonia is the most popular football club here. Interesting to notice that among portraits of Che Guevara and communist symbols there are flags of Cyprus, while opponents of Omonia, APOEL, use flags of Greece. Sometimes football stadiums can say a lot about real politics. 

3) Celtic, Glasgow, Scotland.

«The Green Brigade»,  the most famous union of Celtic fans, proclaims themselves as antifacsist, antiimperialist, antibritish, socialist far-left firm. However, all other ultras group have the same ideals. The history of glorious fight against Britiain’s imperialism, fighting for people’s rights to live in country they want to live in, IRA and so on – no need to start repeating the course of Irish History. So, it’s not strange that the most Irish football club is also one of the most left-wing football clubs.

4) St. Pauli. Hamburg, Germany.

The legendary club, which became famous worldwide for his antifascist position and crazy fans, even though they’re playing only in Second Bundesliga! You can see flags of Sankt-Pauli in every antifascist place in the world, SP really became  the symbol of football against discrimination.


In 2003, fans saves their club from being bankroted, by buying as much as everyone could souvenirs, flags, tickets and organizing punk-events in support of the club, they love.

Sankt-Pauli ultras’ are not against fighting their ideological enemies. Ultras of Dinamo Dresden and Hansa Rostock. Also, Pauli’s fans are against any nationalism, so they don’t support the national tea of Germany. During the world football championship of 2006, which was held in German, fans organised its own “Wild Cup”, in which they invited representatives of the states, which are not recognized by the world community, such as Tibet, Greenland, Turkish Republick of Northern Cyprus and … Republic of Sankt-Pauli.

5) Rayo Vallecano.

Vallecano – the district historically full of poor, homeless, migrants, prostitutes and bandits. In times of Franko, Vallecano became a part of Madrid, but since the Spanish Civil War left ideas hadn’t gone away, but became only stronger. Yesterday they protested the fascist regime of Franko, today they protest against the world of capitalism.

Fighting with fans of Real Madrid, defending their own pubs was the average day in Vallecano district before. Now Vallecano is no more so hardcore (capitalism takes over the radical left), but still fans of Vallecan are always ready to fight and protest.




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