The most hilarious prank couple on the Internet

PrankvsPrank is a YouTube channel created in 2007 by a couple named Jesse Wellens and Jennifer Smith. This couple plays pranks on each other, sometimes physical, and sometimes manipulative. They then post their videos on YouTube and the point is to get more likes than the other. The pranks are just getting better and better with time, and in the end, there will only be one prank champion.

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It all started in October 2007, when Jesse tricked Jennifer into eating a spoonful of cinnamon. This video generated millions of hits, and that’s when they created a YouTube account to share with anyone who wanted to watch. On their channel they have over 100 videos and over 2 million subscribers as of March 2013.

I was mad because so many people saw the video, and then one day I was like, ‘Well, he put me on the Internet, and it was embarrassing, so I’m going to do it to him,’ Jeana explained in a interview with the Daily Mail in UK. In the same interview Jesse said; “This is overwhelming, for something so crazy that we did together just for fun, like, turned into this whole entertainment for millions of people.”

Jennifer, or Jeana that she likes to be called, spent several days setting Jesse up to think she was cheating on him, and this video has over 12 million views. Some people might argue that there is something wrong with this couple, considering that they live together and can be pranked anytime. After reading their comments, this is just a bit of fun for them to spice things up, and they are still going strong as you can see on the video under.

Jesse found some hair extensions at the mall that matched Jeana hair perfectly. Jesse then pretend to cut off her hair, and the reaction is hilarious and definitely worth watching. This video has over 9 million views.

You can follow Jesse on Twitter, check out their live blog or just enjoy all the pranks movies on YouTube.

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  1. I’ve been watching them for forever, they’re hilarious!
    They really need more credit, good article!

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