“The Message” nominated for the album of the year

Keywest are a 5 piece Irish Rock/Pop band, and the band signed a world wide publishing deal in the US after working with Grammy nominated producer Mark Needham. Mark has worked with bands like My Chemical Romance and The Killers. Keywest debut album was released on the 27th of January in 2012. Their album “The Message” is also nominated for the album of the year in the Hotpress reader’s  poll.

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Bringing good music to Dublin 
Their album let to the band getting a worldwide publishing deal in Los Angeles with publishing giants Peer Music. Keywest decided to remain independent in Ireland where they have spent the last two years building up a strong and loyal fanbase. They are often playing in Grafton Street in Dublin where people are always intrigued by their music. If you visit their official page you can get their tour dates, latest videos, news, photo and more music to enjoy.

Some of their highlights of 2011/2012 were selling out headline shows in The Academy, Dublin and Monroe’s, Galway. Their debut album “The Message” reached number 15 in the official national chart, and they were seeing their total YouTube views surpass 500.000. Keywest also hold their number 1 spot on Beat FM’s Top 7 at 7 show for almost 4 months.

Supporting Irish music 
Keywest announced on their fanpage on Facebook that their best shows have been in Galway.  “A city that has been amazing to us since we started playing there on the streets, trying to get our name out there as a lot of bands and singers know is pretty tough but one place in Galway is always brilliant when it comes to supporting new Irish music” – Keywest official

They have got great reviews on their album, with hit singles like ““Feels So Cruel” and “In The Fight For Love” have received a great deal of national airplay. Keywest are playing at The Forum ib Waterford on Saturday, April 14th. The tickets are available here and they only cost €12.50.

Keywest performing their new song “Cold Hands” on Grafton Street in Dublin.

You can visit their Facebook account here and their debut album “The Message” can be downloaded on iTunes.

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  1. Great piece!! Shocked how you even know them saw them last year in the academy and date I say it they are musically and lyrically better than the script! Reason I say the script is because I get that type of vibe off them! These guys singing “see beneath your beautiful” on grafton street under the Christmas is perfection! Long rant over! 😛

    • I totally agree. The script is very good, but so are these guys! I like them more and more when I see them play in Grafton Street!

  2. I just love it when quality artists pick up their instruments and entertain people walking in the streets. Don’t know what it is, but street concerts are quite charming. Nice post! Will definitively listen to these guys more often 🙂

    • These guys are truly amazing and they bring joy to the streets of Dublin! And yes, they are charming aswell 🙂

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