The Melted (United) Kingdom of Prince Bieber

He may have moved onto Portugal on his sold out world tour, but Justin Bieber had a week in the United Kingdom that  is still making the headlines all over the world and causing both fans and celebrities to rush to the defense of the young pop prince.





First, we had the two hour delay to his show in London, which received bad press after many of his fans had to leave the show early so that they wouldn’t miss their public transport home. Here is the footage from Sky News, which shows fans in the London O2 arena booing the superstar and the delay.

Then mid-week, the pop prince had to take a 20 minute break mid-way through his show after he felt unwell and lightheaded. Here, one fan captures the moment when Justin had to stop and head off stage while preforming the hit song ‘Beauty and a Beat’.


And then of course there is the infamous run-in with the paparazzi outside Justin’s hotel. Here we see Bieber having to be hosted up by his body guard after he was provoked and lashed out.


But what is more interesting to notice is for the first time in his career, it seems Bieber has received bad press, which if history is to be repeated with our young celebrities, the beginning down the path  of destruction.

This can be argued as untrue, and will most definitely by his loyal ‘Beliber’ fan club. Justin has a strong team around him to keep his feet on the ground…but when you are the most wanted teenager on the planet and are bringing in the money for yourself (and the strong team) who is going to argue against you and say no?


We have seen similar celebrity meltdowns in the past which all started with a few arguments or diva fits here and there, and overtime spirals out of control. Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and even Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin were all child stars whose lives became a media circus and super-stardom melted down in front of the whole world.

They have access to anything that they want, living a completely different lifestyle to the regular teenager, but the still have to have room and space to grow.

Many celebs have raced to the defense of Prince Bieber, including One Direction heartthrob Louis Tomlinson, Will Smith and Piers Morgan

While Justin also went to Twitter to react to the bad press.

Only time will tell if Justin will keep his celebrity kingdom intact or will the castle come crumbling around like so many before him.

How long do you think it will be before or if Justin Bieber falls from grace?


  1. I agree. Although I partially think that this could be a huge PR tactic in turning him into the new ‘Bad Boy’ of Pop

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